Halfway mark passed in 24-year photo project

Phil Coomes
Picture editor

Image source, Yvonne de Rosa

Those of you who have followed my ramblings for some time will know that at this time of year I like to catch up with the 24 photography project, which involves 24 photographers capturing the first 24 hours of a new year for 24 years.

Each photographer is assigned an hour of the day in which to shoot their picture, wherever they are in the world. The original 24 photographers met while studying at Central Saint Martin's in London, though some have now left the group and been replaced by others.

Claire Spreadbury, the founder of 24photography, said: "The exhibition is going from strength to strength and now in our 13th year we've really developed an identity and feel that we're an established part of London's art calendar."

This year's show has been curated by Brian Harris, who is well known for his work on the Independent and the Times. He said: "This was a challenging brief well executed by 24 completely different photographers over a 24-hour period of time, giving us 24 different ways of seeing our world. I thank them all for opening my eyes to yet another way of seeing."

Here is a selection of images from the project, on show in Soho Square, London, until 18 March.

Image source, Wendy Aldiss
Image caption,
02:00 Wendy Aldiss: "I took this photograph outside the Story Museum in Oxford. New year can be quite a strange time of year and I wanted to reflect this in my image. The Nonsense phone box in full celebratory mode seemed the ideal choice."
Image source, Otis Edwin
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04:00 Otis Edwin: "As the late night partygoers enter and leave the station huddled against the biting wind, one man waits for a call."
Image source, Ali Waggie
Image caption,
07:00 Ali Waggie: "Exploring how the familiar can look so very different from an alternate angle. I've walked home west across this bridge for over 30 years. I now live on its east side. I see the sunrise instead of the sunset."
Image source, Colin Blackstock
Image caption,
08:00 Colin Blackstock: "As New Year's Day dawns over the Long Water and the Serpentine, between Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park, life carries on much like any other day. Some joggers go round and round, others take a route straight through the park, one man feeds the pigeons, swans and ducks. I've become the habitual voyeur, visiting daily, though seldom this early. The park, life in the park, gives me a sense of enormous well-being."
Image source, Sarah Lucy Brown
Image caption,
10:00 Sarah Lucy Brown: "The morning after the night before my friends thought what better to do on a cool, crisp New Year's Day than dress as Star Wars characters and take a gentle walk along the River Deben. A voyage into the unknown."
Image source, David Mazza
Image caption,
13:00 noon (20:00 AWST) David Mazza: "Summer holidays in Australia is the best time to catch up with cousins. Now the kids are older play time is climbing trees, making cubby houses and getting very dirty."
Image source, Toby Smith
Image caption,
14:00 Toby Smith: "Taken on Lee Beach in Devon, this area of outstanding natural beauty is famous for its unique, exposed geology and abundance of fossils. Tides and powerful wave action erode and shape the jagged coastline. At low water the tidal pools drain through the sediments chipped from the cliffs depositing shale into the cracks and crevices."
Image source, Gini May
Image caption,
16:00 Gini May: "We are more likely to associate the colour orange with the sun-drenched streets of Seville, or perhaps with Frank O'Hara's lover in his orange shirt, amid the fluorescent orange tulips, bathed in the warm 4 o'clock light of New York City, not with the snow-laden mountains of Saint Gervais in January. But here it is: a plume of orange smoke against a monochrome sky."
Image source, Teri Pengilley
Image caption,
17:00 Teri Pengilley: "Kate shelters in a dry robe after starting her year with a swim in the sea at Southend, Essex. Thanks to a mild winter the water temperature was a relatively mild 8C, but a biting south-to-south-easterly wind made the day feel bitterly cold. Outdoor swimming has seen a phenomenal surge in the UK over the past year, with enthusiasts proclaiming its benefits for both physical and mental well-being."
Image source, Candida Jones
Image caption,
19:00 Candida Jones : "For the first time, instead of a portrait of one of my children, I offer a selfie. Well, it is 2016."
Image source, Helen Chambers
Image caption,
21:00 Helen Chambers: "I love east London's street art scene. The walls near my flat change frequently but this mural on Great Eastern Street has survived for a while. When I walk past, it always makes me smile and this year the words seem more poignant than ever."
Image source, Claire Spreadbury
Image caption,
23:00 Claire Spreadbury: "I like to use the 24 project to question social norms. People used to be able to smoke everywhere, then the smokers were restricted to hanging around outside bars etc. And now, once again they are allowed indoors with the invention of the electronic vapour cigarette. What will the future hold, what will our vices be and where will we enjoy them?"
Image source, Claudia Leisinger
Image caption,
23:00 Claudia Leisinger: "Soon it would be midnight, my time was almost up. Exhausted from talking to so many strangers I was very much slowing down. Then I saw them on the Tube platform at Leicester Square station. At that moment it felt like someone pressed the fast-forward button. I asked to take their portrait, they nodded, I pressed the shutter, the train came, I jumped in and they were gone."

You can see more images from the series on the group's website www.24photography.org/.

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