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In pictures: Sony World Photography Awards shortlist

The shortlist for the 2016 Sony World Photography Awards has been announced. This year's competition received more than 230,000 entries from 186 countries.

The images will be on show Somerset House in London from 22 April to 8 May, and the winners announced on 21 April.

Dominique Green, who chairs the documentary jury, said: "I was moved by the depth of passion and commitment the photographers show to society through their work."

Swimming pool from above Image copyright Stephan Zirwes
Image caption Stephan Zirwes's work, in the Professional Architectural category, focuses on water as a vital resource, its use for entertainment and the privatisation of a public asset.
Portrait of a woman Image copyright Fauzan Ijazah
Image caption In the Professional Portraiture category, Fauzan Ijazah's Stateless Women looks at the lives of Rohingya women, refugees from Myanmar living in Indonesia.
Basketball player Image copyright Rob Gregory
Image caption Rob Gregory's pictures were taken for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago's adaptive sports programme and the RIC Hornets wheelchair basketball team.
Bering sea. Commander islands, baby fur seal Image copyright Andrey Narchuk
Image caption Andrey Narchuk's photograph of an inquisitive baby fur seal in the Bering Sea is shortlisted in the Open Nature and Wildlife section.
Fight for your dreams - The boxers of Bukom by Patrick Sinkel Image copyright Patrick Sinkel
Image caption Fight for your dreams - The boxers of Bukom, by Patrick Sinkel, is shortlisted in the Professional Sport category. Boxing is a long-held tradition in Bukom, a suburb of Accra, in Ghana, a country that has produced a couple of world champions, the most famous being Azumah Nelson.
People photograph pelicans Image copyright Elie Kauffmann
Image caption Elie Kauffmann's shot of two people taking pictures of pelicans in Namibia is shortlisted in the Open People category.
Flamingo reflection Image copyright Steiner Wang
Image caption Steiner Wang's Cloud Flamingo is shortlisted in the Open Nature and Wildlife category.
Family in Solvychegodsk Image copyright Anton Unitsyn
Image caption Anton Unitsyn documented the people of the Russian town of Solvychegodsk. Once famous for its salt, its population has reduced substantially in the past quarter of a century.
Portrait of a boxer Image copyright Nikolai Linares
Image caption Nikolai Linares's portraits of the silver medallists at Copenhagen's Zealand Boxing Championships are shortlisted in the Professional Sport category.
Animals vs Jewellery Image copyright Oliver Schwarzwald
Image caption Animals vs Jewellery was taken by Oliver Schwarzwald for Stern magazine.
Woman drinking water beside empty bottles Image copyright Antoine Repesse
Image caption Antoine Repesse's #365, Unpacked series, in the Professional Campaign category, is the result of four years' work during which he collected his recyclable waste.
Woman and dog in Cannes Image copyright Talia Rudofsky
Image caption Talia Rudofsky, competing in the Youth category, said: "I took this photograph on Promenade de La Croisette, [Cannes,] during my summer holiday. Whilst everyone is mostly new wealth, this woman stood out, as she is relatively modest in appearance, and accompanied by a dog, as well as being elderly. I found it amusing how the dog shared the same facial expression as the woman."

All photographs courtesy 2016 Sony World Photography Awards

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