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In pictures: The forests of New England

A chipmunk collecting acorns during the fall Image copyright Paul Williams

A new BBC series, Earth's Greatest Spectacles, explores three of the most seasonally changeable landscapes on the planet - Svalbard, Okavango and New England.

The first episode looks at the colourful forests of New England, on the east coast of the US, where the vivid greens of summer give way to the golds and reds of autumn.

This programme revels in the full glory of the spectacle, and reveals how this vibrant fiesta is created by the battles between the trees and the forests' inhabitants.

Moose, chipmunks, rattlesnakes and a bizarre mixture of caterpillars all play a crucial role.

But, surprisingly, the forest itself was made so colourful thanks to the hard work of a combination of beavers, ants and humans.

Here, we present a few images of some of the moments explored in the film.

Image copyright Paul Williams
Image caption Lace-capped caterpillars are perfectly adapted to look like leaf damage, so they can feed unnoticed by predators.
Image copyright Paul Williams
Image caption A female timber rattlesnake protects her young.
Image caption A yellow-bellied sapsucker feeds his chicks in a nest cavity he excavated in a tall ash tree.
Image copyright Paul Williams
Image caption Looper caterpillars spend the winter disguised as twigs. They awake in the spring to feed on the growing buds.
Image caption Ruby-throated hummingbirds arrive in New England every spring, after a 2,000-mile journey from Mexico.
Image copyright Paul Williams
Image caption A male moose attracts the attention of a female and her calves, in Baxter State Park, Maine.
Image caption In Massachusetts, a beaver swims in the water held back by his dam.
Image copyright Paul Williams
Image caption Autumn in the White Mountains, New Hampshire.

Earth's Greatest Spectacles can be seen on BBC 2 on Friday 5 February 2016.