Your pictures: Rural life

image copyrightWilliam Baquiast
image captionEach week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "rural life" and we begin with a picture by William Baquiast of a scene in Calafate in Argentina.
image copyrightNicky Kelleher
image captionNicky Kelleher: "This is a friend of mine who trains spaniels and while waiting for a friend to join him took a well-deserved rest with his beloved dogs."
image copyrightPete Evanson
image captionPete Evanson: "This was taken at The Royal Cornwall Show. I just couldn't help capturing these two lovely ladies."
image copyrightStuart Scott
image captionStuart Scott: "A familiar spot for me as it is where I take my dog for a walk. This morning last November was just waiting to be captured. I love the countryside and what it offers."
image copyrightSara Bickley
image captionSara Bickley: "Photograph of rural life taken in Cheshire, the boys having a morning break."
image copyrightAlastair Cochrane
image captionAlastair Cochrane: "Photographed from our back garden on the Black Isle as the rape field was being sprayed. The machine was virtually submerged in the crop which created an interesting viewpoint."
image copyrightJason Pateman
image captionJason Pateman: "Taken while trekking in Nagarkot, Nepal."
image copyrightThomas Potter
image captionThomas Potter: "A bicycle driver waiting for a fare in the Ayeyarwady district in Myanmar."
image copyrightJennifer Godden
image captionJennifer Godden: "Over Christmas I visited my brother who now lives in Iceland. There is little sunlight, but far out from the city on our last day, we got lucky with an incredible sunrise at 11:30am."
image copyrightBrandy Little
image captionBrandy Little: "A Maasai village snug against a hill in rural northern Tanzania."
image copyrightDiane Hirt
image captionAnd finally, a picture by Diane Hirt in Pennsylvania. The next theme is "black and white", and the deadline for your entries is 19 January. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery or go to and look for Share your photo.

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