Your pictures: Best of 2015

Image source, Oliver Hine
Image caption, Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme, and at this time of year we like to look back and select some of the best ones. So here is our round-up of your pictures of the year, starting with this shot by Oliver Hine who said: "A bunch of enthusiastically flowering daffodils are captured by water droplet lenses."
Image source, Prerna Jain
Image caption, Prerna Jain sent in this beautiful picture of a snail looking down as it reached the corner of a window.
Image source, Aurelie Four
Image caption, Aurelie Four: "The four-legged members of the UK Corgi Club meet just outside Windsor Castle. Sadly the castle was hiding in the thick fog but a lot of fun was had."
Image source, Chris Bryant
Image caption, Chris Bryant: "My local castle in Chepstow. Originally a Norman castle and last used in anger during the English Civil War."
Image source, samanta krivec
Image caption, Samanta Krivec: "I made this shot in the hallway of a shopping centre in Celje, Slovenia. I was waiting for some time when finally these two guys came along."
Image source, Yuri Afanasiev
Image caption, Yuri Afanasiev: "The girl in the mountains is trying to jump up higher than traces from military plane."
Image source, Veronica Astashonak
Image caption, Veronica Astashonak: "Couples cast shadows on the wall of an old building in Hoi An, Vietnam, creating somewhat theatrical impressions. While most passers-by remained completely oblivious of their existence, I could not help stopping to take several shots."
Image source, Will Mcknight
Image caption, Will McKnight: "This photo was taken at Portencross, Ayrshire, in Scotland. I used a 10-stop filter for a long exposure and it seems to make the fisherman look like three ghosts due to his movement during the shot."
Image source, Joe Buxton
Image caption, Joe Buxton: "Our eight-month-old identical twins make the perfect pair."
Image source, Jonny Garwes
Image caption, Jonny Garwes captured this image for the theme of umbrellas.
Image source, Sara Bickley
Image caption, Sara Bickley cleverly positioned her kettle for her picture of clouds.
Image source, Daniel Furon
Image caption, Daniel Furon: "San Francisco skyline on a cloudy late afternoon, looking towards the west."
Image source, Paula Watts
Image caption, Paula Watts: "This little daisy looked beautiful after a sharp frost."
Image source, Neil Bennett
Image caption, Neil Bennett photographed a family in Sri Lanka.
Image source, Ruth Moucharafieh
Image caption, And finally, a photograph by Ruth Moucharafieh. The next theme is "a new year", and the deadline for your entries is 6 January 2016. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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