Your pictures: Autumn

Image source, Eva R Lima
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Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "autumn", and we begin with this photograph by Eva R Lima taken during a walk in the forest in northern Germany.
Image source, Daria Mostowa
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Daria Mostowa: "This picture was taken in Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Autumn activities offered in the park include hiking, running, wildlife watching, inline skating and biking."
Image source, Aurelie Four
Image caption,
Aurelie Four: "The four-legged members of the UK Corgi Club meet just outside Windsor Castle. Sadly the castle was hiding in the thick fog but a lot of fun was had."
Image source, Will Snow
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Will Snow: "This squirrel takes a brief pause from getting some nuts."
Image source, George Olney
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George Olney: "Autumn here in the high desert of Mexico means I rake up the falling flowers from my Tulipan tree, instead of leaves in my garden."
Image source, David A'Hara
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David A'Hara: "The elephants of Glasgow emerge from the autumn fog, a very random sculpture in a city park."
Image source, Chris Whittier
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Chris Whittier: "Autumn here in the NE USA means foliage, pumpkins, and apples."
Image source, Kate Bronner
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Kate Bronner: "Crimson autumn leaves on the pavement - the contrast with the grey caught my eye."
Image source, Alex McSorley
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Alex McSorley: "I took this colourful photo of Leaderfoot Viaduct in all its glory in Melrose [in the Scottish Borders]. The autumn colours are receding but not here at the viaduct."
Image source, KC Speicher
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KC Speicher: "I saw the mist when I looked out of the window and thought this was too good an opportunity to miss. I headed to Highbury Fields [in London] with my camera and took many photographs of trees looming in the mist, fallen leaves, the grass with dew on it, but this image with the runner almost blending into the autumnal colours was my favourite."
Image source, Annie Walker
Image caption,
Annie Walker: "I took this image of a leaf on an artificial grass doormat in a building in Goteborg, Sweden, while visiting a friend. I found the contrast humorous."
Image source, Sidonie Hartridge-Lambert
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And finally, a photograph by Sidonie Hartridge-Lambert. The next theme is "bonfire night", and the deadline for your entries is 10 November. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery or go to and look for Share your photo.

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