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Halloween pumpkins, pets and painted faces

A traditional jack-o'-lantern, made from a pumpkin, lit from within by a candle Image copyright Richard Dackombe
Image caption Richard Dackombe made these pumpkins with his children, using glow sticks and tea lights.

It is that time of the year again where you put on your witchy costumes, knock on a few doors and eat lots of sweets.

You have been sharing your Halloween preparations and tips for trick or treating with us. Here is a selection of your pictures and some of your advice.

Image copyright Emily

Emily took this picture of her five-month-old kitten Ivy. "She's hoping to get lots of treats," Emily said.

Image copyright Samuel Williamson

Samuel Williamson took this picture of his partner Charlie Millard hard at work crafting her pumpkin. "My pumpkin is on the left and my partner is still working on hers." He tweeted. And here's how they turned out with the lights off...

Image copyright Samuel Williamson

Great pumpkin Charlie, but we think Samuel's is scarier.

Image copyright Jenny Powell

Jenny Powell sent in this picture of a ghoulish cloth creature trying its best to scare her daughters as they look on in mock horror.

Image copyright Alexandra Choa

The creative talents of Alexandra Choa from Edinburgh, Scotland on display within this pumpkin.

Image copyright Jen Davidson

Jen Davidson carved the "small pretty pumpkin" while her children, Cameron and Kiera, carved the other two lanterns in this picture.

Image copyright Amandeep Dhami

Pictures of spooky face paintings in preparation for Halloween... we hope! We're pretty sure Amandeep Dhami's efforts could scare more than just the faint hearted.

And it's not just humans getting dressed up for the occasion...

Image copyright Valerie

Meet Poppy the canine pumpkin in this photo by Valerie.

You have also been sharing your tips for trick or treating. The top suggestion seems to be only go to decorated houses... Liam Flanagan-Todd had this tip to share: "#Halloween etiquette- no pumpkin by the door means do not knock" - a sentiment echoed by quite a few of you:

Image copyright Twitter

There are also some rules about the types of treats to offer, Kelly Marie suggested that providing healthy treats might see you left in peace the following year, an experience replicated by @Sweckles on Twitter:

Image copyright @sweckles/Twitter

Some of you also suggested some other tips to avoid receiving a knock on the door on Halloween night. Laura Claire switches off her doorbell, Sarah tweeted to say she hides and other tweeters suggested the following:

Image copyright Twitter

While Colin had one thought:

Image copyright Twitter

Thanks for sharing your Halloween pictures and tips with us, and happy Halloween from everyone at BBC_HaveYourSay.

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