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In pictures: Urban photographer of the year

A portrait of a watch repairer has been crowned the winner of this year's CBRE Urban Photographer of the Year competition, beating more than 21,000 entries from 113 countries.
image copyright Oscar Rialubin
The portrait by Oscar Rialubin from the Philippines is called Xyclops.
Martin Samworth, chief executive of CBRE said: "The competition constantly provides us with new perspectives on working environments within cities. This year was no exception and Rialubin's intimate portrait of a watch repairman gives insight into a universal trade. Urban life is constantly changing and the beauty of the competition is that it has captured this every year through the winning images."
image copyrightArmen Dolukhanyan
The Europe, Middle East and Africa prize was awarded to Armen Dolukhanyan for another black-and-white picture. This one shows a young couple, both in the Ukrainian police force.
image copyrightPeter Graney
Peter Graney's photograph of poultry being prepared for market in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, won him the Asia Pacific prize.
image copyrightChristopher J Martin
The other top award went to Christopher Martin, as the winner of the Americas prize for his picture Winter Work, which shows an aeroplane being de-iced at Calgary International Airport, Canada.
image copyrightCocu Liu
Cocu Liu won the mobile section of the competition, capturing this winter scene in Chicago on his phone camera.
image copyrightDiogo Miguel Carvalho Gonçalves
There were two awards for younger photographers, with Diogo Miguel Carvalho Goncalves claiming the prize for the 13-15-year-old category with this picture taken at the Carreiros do Monte in Madeira.
image copyrightBelal Hossain Rana
The 16-25 age category was won by Belal Hossain Rana, who photographed technicians in Bangladesh working underground to repair electrical cables.
As well as these awards a picture is selected to depict each hour of the day around the globe - here is a small selection of them.
image copyrightPedro Lins
Pedro Lins's picture was taken during a series of protests in Rio De Janeiro in Brazil.
image copyrightBorna Mirahmadian
A construction site opposite Borna Mirahmadian's home in Tehran, Iran, is the subject of another image selected by the judges.
Mirahmadian said: "One night I noticed the employees were working double-shift throughout the night (apparently to finish their job on time). Contrasting colours of the lights and shapes of workers' silhouettes grabbed my attention and after a long wait, I could capture this shot from the window of my bedroom."
image copyrightJohanna Siegmann
Johanna Siegmann photographed professional dog walker Leslie in Malibou, California.
Siegmann said: "She can walk up to 20 dogs at a time, although on this day she 'only' had 12. Here she is driving them to a dog park, where they will be allowed to run around, unleashed. The hardest part of her job, from what I witnessed, was unravelling the giant macrame knot of leashes created when the dogs weave in and out around each other."
image copyrightMartin Faltejsek
Martin Faltejsek's picture was taken in London and captured a man with his smartphone.
Faltejsek said: "I was spending some time at my friends in London and one night we went out to buy some food. Walking through the little backstreets, we were passing by so many people standing in front of walls or sitting down on pavements, holding their smartphones and smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol.
"I love the simplicity in the picture, the symbol of an empty wall and one little man standing there. We tend to live our lives inside social sites and we prefer to spend our time swiping through our phones instead of communicating with people in real life. I find this reality very sad."

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