In pictures: The Ties That Bind

image captionAn exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery brings together four of Scotland's documentary photographers who have produced pieces of work that examine their homeland's culture. This portrait is by Sophie Gerrard, from her series Drawn to the Land.
image captionGerrard's images explore the lives of six women farmers and their relationship to the land.
image captionWhen Saturday Comes by Colin McPherson looks at the rituals around football at a local level.
image captionThe images on show are drawn from a wider project on football, shot over the past 10 years.
image captionJeremy Sutton-Hibbert focused on summer festivals held in the Scottish borders, known as the Common Ridings.
image captionHis project is called Unsullied and Untarnished and was photographed in various towns, including Hawick, Selkirk and Jedburgh.
image captionA Sweet Forgetting by Stephen McLaren concentrates on the involvement of Scots in the sugar economy of Jamaica in the 18th and 19th Century, which was built on the back of slave labour from Africa.
image captionMcLaren spent a month in Jamaica looking for the sites of plantations owned by seven Scotsmen of that era, before returning to Scotland to see what was left of their legacy. The Ties That Bind runs at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery until 24 April 2016. All four photographers are members of Document Scotland (

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