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In pictures: 'Supermoon' rising

The sight of a large, reddish moon has sent people reaching for their cameras around the world.

The moon's unusual appearance is the result of a rare coincidence. It appears larger than usual because it is at its lowest point in its orbit around the Earth, while its reddish tint is the result of an eclipse.

Here is a selection of images from around the world, including some sent in by BBC News website readers.

Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The "supermoon" - partially eclipsed - is pictured above the mountains of Cape Town
Image copyright NASA
Image caption The "supermoon", as seen from New York's streets
Image copyright AFP
Image caption The astronomical event provides a selfie opportunity in Kabul
Image copyright Zsolt Berend
Image caption BBC News website reader Zsolt Berend sent in this image of the reddened "supermoon" above London
Image copyright Getty Images
Image caption The "supermoon" enchants beachgoers in Rio de Janeiro
Image copyright Randell John
Image caption The "supermoon" peers through foliage over Bridgend, Wales, in this photo from BBC News website reader Randell John
Image copyright PA
Image caption Low and bright, the "supermoon" dazzles a small crowd on Glastonbury Tor in England
Image copyright Reuters
Image caption The "supermoon" is eclipsed above the dome of the Koekelberg Basilica in Brussels

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