Your pictures: Metal

image copyrightRico Rodriguez
image captionEach week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "metal", and we begin with a picture of a sculpture by Rob Mulholland, set in the waters of Loch Earn in Perthshire.
image copyrightCarl Chamberlain
image captionCarl Chamberlain: "I took this picture by arranging a new set of spanners I'd bought, on a mirror. The fronds you can see around the arrangement are a strategically placed yucca plant reflecting in the mirror. Only natural light from a window was used."
image copyrightVictoria Martindale
image captionVictoria Martindale: "The now disused metal 'plane' at Greenham Common, once used for fire training practice."
image copyrightAndrew Norman
image captionAndrew Norman: "A pile of anchor chain, which was stacked on the quayside in Harwich[, Essex,] and surprisingly shiny considering the salty element."
image copyrightPeter Carter
image captionPeter Carter: "At a local charity event, this farrier was using the occasion to practise for a forthcoming competition. He started off with a stick of metal and provided a running commentary on everything that he was doing."
image copyrightBarrie Watts
image captionBarrie Watts: "Lots of rusting metal in these old gas holders in Bournemouth, Dorset."
image copyrightNigel Jackson
image captionNigel Jackson: "A metallic skeletal hand in a London shop window."
image copyrightHeather Fitsell
image captionHeather Fitsell took a different approach and sent in this photograph of Glaswegian metal band Bleed From Within performing at Hevy Fest in Kent.
image copyrightAlison Moffitt
image captionAlison Moffitt: "A box of gold and silver drawing pins."
image copyrightGilbert MacKay
image captionAnd finally, a photograph by Gilbert MacKay. The next theme is "reflections", and the deadline for your entries is 4 August. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery or go to and look for Share your photo.

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