In pictures: Discarded drug baggies

image captionFor a number of years, photographer Dan Giannopoulos has been collecting and photographing discarded bags that have been used to hold drugs.
image captionIn January 2013 he noticed an increase in the number of small bags - "drug baggies" - he saw on the streets of south-east London, where he lives.
image caption"The baggies are used to carry drugs, most often cannabis but other substances such as cocaine too," said Giannopoulos.
image captionAlongside the images, Giannopoulos records the co-ordinates of where the bag was found, with the intention of seeing if any patterns occur over time.
image captionHe adds that the project "has zero scientific or sociological merit and is not intended to be taken as any kind of definitive analysis of public drug use habits".
image caption"The project aims to appropriate artefacts that have been discarded as both trash and as the remnants of an illicit act, to produce something visually appealing and engaging."
image captionBags featuring an Uzi sub-machine-gun are a common find.
image caption"I've not found baggies in any particularly bizarre places. I have found baggies in concerning places such as children's playgrounds and in some places outside the entrances to primary schools or nursery schools."
image caption"I've not had any comments from passers-by about what I'm doing. I was walking with my older brother once and I stopped to photograph and collect a bag. He was silently disgusted. He's not looked at me the same way since."
image captionAll photographs by Dan Giannopoulos (

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