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In pictures: Infrastructure in focus

image copyrightRita Testa

Rita Testa's picture of two trains as seen from the top of The Shard in London has won the inaugural Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) photographic competition. The picture is titled Double Travel and beat nearly 300 other entries.

Testa said: "The view was wonderful and the rail tracks caught my attention more than the tourist attractions, as I saw London from a different angle. I love taking photos of everyday architecture that people don't often acknowledge. I am delighted to win and very excited to see my image exhibited."

Chair of the judging panel, Roma Agrawal, added: "This photo is what infrastructure is all about - providing transport on top of a busy city. We just loved the dynamic nature of this image, captured at the perfect time as the trains pass each other."

image copyrightDylan Nardini

Dylan Nardini was the runner-up with this picture of the Grangemouth oil refinery, entitled To and Fro.

The competition aims to highlight the importance of infrastructure to British society. As well as the two above another eight images make up the top ten shortlist.

Two images were given a special mention, this picture of the Forth Bridge by Dominic Smith, and the one below of the roof at King's Cross Station by Marek Emczek Olszewski.

image copyrightDominic G Smith
image copyrightMarek Emczek Olszewsk
image copyrightC A Rogers

Christopher Rogers' 11 Million Bricks caught the eye of judge Alasdair Reisner who said: "Perhaps the most visually striking image in the competition, this picture would not look out of place in the works of MC Escher. Great use of black and white, and positioning of the shot help to highlight the titanic scale of this piece of infrastructure."

image copyrightChris Ambrose

The use of colour in this picture by Chris Ambrose of Bridges over Potato Wharf, Rochdale Canal, Castlefield, Manchester, caught the attention of the judges.

image copyrightAl Deane

Al Dean's moody landscape was also one of the shortlisted entries, as was David Macmillan's picture of bridge construction.

image copyrightDavid Macmillan
image copyrightMina Ahmed

Mina Ahmed's picture, Victorian Waters, captures the subterranean world of Hornsey Wood Reservoir, while Luke Agbaimoni also focused on water, this time Poolmans St, Albion Channel, London.

image copyrightLuke Agbaimoni

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