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Your year in pictures

A round-up of the best pictures, taken by you, throughout the year.

Image copyright Stuart McGregor

The year started with widespread flooding in the south of England. Stuart McGregor took this photo in January, looking down from the A350 at Spetisbury in Dorset, England.

Image copyright Lem Lattimer

New York in the US also experienced adverse weather conditions in January. Lem Lattimer took this photo of one New Yorker who found an alternative way to get around the city.

Image copyright Sergey Kushnir

In February the crisis in Ukraine was at the centre of talks between world leaders at the security summit in Munich. Sergey Kushnir took this photo during the protests in Kiev.

Image copyright Moonzajer

Bonn and Cologne hosted parades near the Rhine river in Germany on Red Monday in March, the final day of the cities' annual carnival. Moonzajer, an intern at the United Nations from Afghanistan, sent us this image, calling the time an "inspiring event".

Image copyright Tarun Nakra

In April millions of Indians voted on the first big day of the general election pitting the ruling Congress party against the main opposition BJP. Tarun Nakra proudly sent this photo displaying his finger marked with ink after he had voted.

Image copyright Steve Docherty

Crimea voted to join Russia earlier this year - in a referendum dismissed by Ukraine and the West as illegal. But in May many turned out for the Victory Parade in the Crimean capitol Simferopol as this photo by Steve Docherty shows.

Image copyright Wayne Leech

Torrential downpours in June gave organisers at Glastonbury Festival in Somerset, England little option but to power down, but Wayne Leech took this picture as rain-soaked revellers were rewarded with a spectacular rainbow which illuminated the grey skies over the festival.

Image copyright Mark Badstevener

People around the world commemorated the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings when thousands of Allied troops landed on the French coast during World War II. There was a Red Arrows display in Portsmouth, England, in June to mark one of the biggest military operations in history. Mark Badstevener sent us his picture.

Image copyright Tommy Mui

Tommy Mui sent us this picture of what was described as Hong Kong's largest democracy rally in a decade in July this year. Protestors were demanding full electoral freedom and took part in what is an annual rally, marking the day Hong Kong was returned to China in 1997.

Image copyright Stuart Edwards

In July in the middle of a heatwave with temperatures reaching 32.3C (90F) across the UK there were storms that produced spectacular lightning displays. Stuart Edwards sent us his picture of Cobham in Surrey.

Image copyright Hubert Namani

Hubert Namani took this picture in the town of Rabaul in Papua New Guinea in August, showing ash clouds rising from Mount Tavurvur on New Britain Island which erupted forcing local communities to evacuate.

Image copyright Iain Tall

The clock face of the Elizabeth Tower in London, UK, which houses the famous Big Ben bell, was cleaned in August this year, with the hands frozen at 12 o'clock, as caught by Iain Tall in this picture.

Image copyright @BeesRun

In September there was also an unlikely visitor to Stonehenge, Wiltshire, England when President Obama, who was in Wales to attend the Nato summit, stopped to greet a local family on his return home to the US, much to their equal delight and surprise. @BeesRun tweeted this picture.

Image copyright Christopher Ogle

Christopher Ogle sent us his picture as more than 30 firefighters were called to deal with gorse fires in Newcastle, County Down, Northern Ireland in September. It is not known how the fires started, but they were brought under control quickly.

Image copyright Gren Owen

A US fighter jet crashed in a field in Lincolnshire, England in October. The pilot escaped with minor injuries. Gren Owen was in the area and took this picture showing black smoke billowing from the wreckage.

Image copyright MIKE PURDY

Mike Purdy captured some ravens in the middle of an art installation featuring thousands of ceramic poppies outside The Tower of London in England. The installation paid tribute to those who lost their lives in World War One.

Image copyright Stephen Livingstone

Also in November Stephen Livingstone took this picture of a seal pup on a beach in Blakeney Point, Norfolk in England. Hundreds of grey seal pups have been born at a Norfolk nature reserve this year.

Image copyright Bob Girling

In December a meteor shower - the Geminids - could be seen around the UK. Bob Girling's photo was taken at the Ridgeway, near Chilton, Oxfordshire.

Image copyright Erik Leigh Anderson

Erik Leigh Anderson was part of a group which shut down the Manhattan Bridge in New York on 4 December during ongoing protests across the US to demonstrate against the treatment of black people by police.

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