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Your week in pictures

You have been sending your photos of news stories around the globe this week. Here is a selection of them:

Image copyright Justin Smallshaw

Earlier in the week, a severe storm battered the Australian city of Brisbane. Justin Smallshaw saw golf ball sized hailstone during the storm, several of which caused damage to the roof of his car below.

Image copyright Justin Smallshaw
Image copyright Simon Smale

The storms in Brisbane also caused damage to trees in the area. Simon Smale took this picture in Redhill, Brisbane, shortly after the storm started. A mass clear up is underway.

Image copyright @jimmyopendoors

Readers have been sending their photos of meeting Australian batsman Phil Hughes who was tragically killed in a cricketing accident this week. @jimmyopendoors tweeted this photo to @BBC_HaveYourSay.

Image copyright Kaiti Jones

Kaiti Jones took this photo of protesters gathered to show their collective disappointment in the US's grand jury ruling not to charge a police officer for killing black teenager Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, US.

Image copyright Gonzaga Barreira

Nakadake volcano in Japan erupted for the first time in 25 years, covering surrounding villages in volcanic ash. Gonzaga Barreira was in Mount Aso, Kumamoto Prefecture, when he took the picture. He said: "It's the biggest volcano in Japan and has one of the biggest calderas in the world, with a few thousand people living inside the caldera."

Image copyright Gail Southward

Gail Southward sent in this photo showing Hong Kong protesters gathering in Mongkok, Hong Kong. "Eventually I got to frontline but then was stopped by police. Whilst I was there, the atmosphere was quite charged with energy from massed crowds but not at all threatening or violent. Definitely a scene of determination, defiance and massed people power."

Image copyright Hussein

An Iraqi Navy coastal patrol ship was making its way to the oil platform in the Persian Gulf when Hussein captured this image, backed by a fiery sunset.

Image copyright L. Bailey

L. Bailey sent this photograph showing a fire in an office building in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Mr Bailey said: "We had a meeting at the Dubai Business Central Twin Towers, when we saw a large amount of smoke coming from the roof of the building where the BBC has some offices. It was so dramatic."

Image copyright BHASKAR MALLICK

Meanwhile, Kolkota hosted a rally by the Bharatiya Janata Party where party president Amit Shah made an early pitch to the assembled thousands ahead of state elections in West Bengal in 2016.

Image copyright Stephen Livingstone

And finally, Stephen Livingstone took this picture of a seal pup on a beach in Blakeney Point, Norfolk in England. Hundreds of grey seal pups have been born at a Norfolk nature reserve in the past three weeks.

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