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US snow: Your pictures

Record snowfall which hit north-east of the US is finally beginning to ease off. Now forecasters are warning of potential flooding with rain expected at the weekend.

As much as 2.4m (8ft) of snow fell in some parts of New York state and the city of Buffalo was particularly badly affected.

You have been sharing some of your photographs of the extreme weather conditions.

Image copyright Lauren Kicak

It was sheer relief for Lauren Kicak when she finally dug her car out of the snow in Lancaster, New York.

Image copyright Dean Tomlinson

"I saw the snow ploughs struggling to clear the roads in Eagle Heights, Orchard Park, New York. They had to take several run ups to clear that corner," says Dean Tomlinson who took this photo.

Image copyright Kristen Conrad

Kristen Conrad took this picture of her father standing on top of a four foot-high (1.2m) fence in their garden in New York state. "My dad went outside our family home in South Buffalo to attempt to shovel a path through the seven foot snow drifts next to the house."

Image copyright Megan DePerro

In East Aurora, New York, Megan DePerro sent in this photo of a thermometer with a reading of below zero. "I have running water, heat, and plenty of food. So long as people are prepared both in their homes and in their cars they should be fine," she said.

Image copyright Megam DePerro

Megan DePerro also shared this image which shows how visibility has been reduced by the effects of the snow storm.

Image copyright JAYMOJEWELS

"Can't get out the door" was the message Jaymojewels posted on her Instagram account of the snow in Buffalo, New York.

Image copyright Christian Steiner

There was significant snowfall in Blasdell, New York, and Christian Steiner's photograph shows the imprint his front door made in the drift.

Image copyright Nicole Janowsky

Nicole Janowsky, who took this photo of the snow in Hamburg, New York, says she's never seen this much fall at one time. "A snow plough has not made it down our street yet. It is up to my waist."

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