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Image source, stefano Angeli
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Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "Australia", and we begin with this picture taken by Stefano Angeli of the Kings Canyon in the Northern Territory.
Image source, Judy Domoney
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Judy Domoney: "The Blue Boathouse in Perth. I loved the way the sky and clouds mirrored the colours of the boathouse and the water."
Image source, Angela Baccus
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Angela Baccus: "My daughter standing and looking at a lifeguard's surfboard marking safe areas to swim."
Image source, Anna Grayson
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Anna Grayson: "The keepers at Taronga Zoo, Sydney, put on a display of native birds which was stunning against the backdrop of the famous harbour. I don't usually warm to displays involving wild animals, but this young man was extremely professional, slick and informative."
Image source, zak Ben-moshe
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Zak Ben-moshe: "I took this photo in Healsville, Victoria. It was taken on a Canon 600D just before the sunset and I was lucky enough to witness two spectacular kangaroos leaping at each other whilst the sun shone through their fur."
Image source, Andy Sirrs
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Andy Sirrs: "I took this photo just as the sun was going down over Bondi beach with the lone surfer heading home for the night."
Image source, Alison Moffitt
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Alison Moffitt: "An abandoned cattle loading race on the Nullabor Plain, Western Australia."
Image source, Margaret Hill
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Margaret Hill: "Watching the changing colours of Uluru, outback Australia, at sunset is a remarkable experience."
Image source, Ali Barnes
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Ali Barnes: "This photo was taken by my friend Natascha and shows my husband Pip and I having fun on the Lancelin sand dunes, north of Perth, Western Australia."
Image source, Danial Bradford
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And finally, a photograph by Danial Bradford. The next theme is "Fireworks", and the deadline for your entries is 11 November. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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