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'Rihgt' road signs: Your pictures of badly spelt road signs

Contractors were left red-faced after incorrectly painting the word "rihgt" on a road off a supermarket car park.

The spelling error was spotted close to the High Street in Warsop, Nottinghamshire on Friday afternoon.

BBC News website readers have also spotted poorly spelt road signs, here are some of their pictures.

Image copyright Villi Asgeirsson

It's not just the UK, Villi Asgeirsson took this picture of a misspelt sign in Rhodes, he said: "Greece is an endless source of amusement when it comes to misspelled words."

Image copyright Deanna Judd

Motorists looking for the way to Canterbury in Kent, England had little or no help from this sign. Photo: Deanna Judd.

Image copyright Paul Matthews

Paul Matthews in Swindon, England took a photo of this misspelt warning sign to road users. He added: "The sign was the council's attempt to help avoid an accident, but they couldn't even get the spelling right."

Image copyright David Williams

David Williams took this photo in Emerald Park in North Little Rock, Arkansas, US. We are still wondering how long the trail will be closed for.

Image copyright Lisa Hignett

Lisa Hignett sent this picture from Cumbria, UK taken on Low Road heading into Cockermouth.

Image copyright Bossede

It is not always easy to find the exit at train stations as this sign demonstrates at Elephant and Castle train station in London, England. Photo: Bossede.

Image copyright Pam Tierman

Pam Tierman took this photo in Washington DC, US. She said: "It is sad there are so many misspelled words for all to see. But it's funny, too."

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