In pictures: Poppies and remembrance

Image caption, A new exhibition, Poppies (Women and War), remembers women in times of war, from World War One to the present day and combines a series of portraits of women whose lives have been affected by war, alongside pictures of the poppy flower (Papaver rhoeas) in its natural environment.
Image caption, Photographer Lee Karen Stowe looked for motifs within the poppy fields of England that for her represented various aspects of conflict.
Image caption, The inside of this oriental poppy offers up a glimpse of conflict, Stow said: "I see flames, men with guns marching towards an ominous figure beckoning with his finger."
Image caption, The white poppy of peace found growing wild in a field in North Yorkshire. Stow had a local farmer watching out for them and when she got the call that one had been spotted she was soon on the scene. Stow said, "I used very shallow depth of field for this poppy, to give it an ethereal, fairytale feel, as though peace is fleeting and not solid."
Image caption, The low viewpoint was used by Stow to emphasize the importance of the flower.
Image caption, Of this picture Stow said, "Despite its darkness, the image to me is positive, as though a light is shining from within."
Image caption, This poppy had a personal message for Stow. "This was taken in my parents’ garden, where poppies had suddenly appeared, three weeks before Dad died. He would look out onto this scene daily. The dewdrop is like a tear being shed."
Image caption, Poppies (Women and War) is on show at Murray Edwards College, University of Cambridge during November 2014.

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