In pictures: Memory of History

Image caption, An exhibition of photographs by Lewis Bush seeks to link events of the past with the present political and economic climate of Europe.
Image caption, Each picture refers to a historic event yet can also be seen as a metaphor for the financial crisis that gripped Europe.
Image caption, The work was inspired by photographer Paul Graham's 1993 book New Europe, with Bush travelling through 10 European countries, looking for details that would provide a link to the past.
Image caption, From a Franco-Prussian War monument in Berlin that bears the scars of conflict...
Image caption, a close-up of a shirt in the window of a designer boutique in the Greek capital Athens, the scene of violent clashes following austerity measures introduced by the government as it attempted to tackle the country's financial situation.
Image caption, Bush studied as a historian before turning to photography and now works behind the lens as well as a critic and author on the medium.
Image caption, The Memory of History consists of a box of 56 prints. Images and text are designed to be mixed resulting in a unique viewing experience every time the box is opened.
Image caption, The Memory of History is on show at the 12 Star Gallery in London, 17-26 September 2014.

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