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Your week in pictures

You have been sending us your photos this week of news stories across the globe. Here is a selection of them.

Image copyright Alex Stewart

Thailand's military has seized power in a coup after months of political turmoil. The situation continues to develop. Alex Stewart took this photo at Thapae Gate, Chiang Mai, which shows Luciano Pozzi (known for conducting a 'free hugs' campaign in Chiang Mai) convincing an armed soldier to hug him.

Image copyright Richard Hadley

Richard Hadley took this picture from his flat window of the rioting this week in Sants, Barcelona where he saw police chasing rioters. The rioting began after the dismantling of a popular social centre that had been run by squatters for 17 years. Police acted on a court order to clear the building, which was issued after talks between the squatters and the authority broke down.

Image copyright George MacDonald

A school attended by former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson between 1946 to 1954 caught ablaze on Wednesday. George MacDonald captured this striking image of the disused Broomloan Road Primary School on fire in Glasgow, Scotland.

Image copyright Paul Meegan

At the Jim Clark rally in the Scottish Borders, three people died and several were injured when cars collided with spectators in two incidents. Photo by Paul Meegan.

Image copyright Phillipa Bennett

Thousands of people shared their messages celebrating the life of English cancer fundraiser Stephen Sutton, who raised more than £4m for the Teenage Cancer Trust. This photo by Phillipa Bennett shows her children Reegan and Flinn giving their thumbs up.

Image copyright other

In Turkey, 25,000 police surrounded and blocked Istanbul's Taksim Square, on the first anniversary of the anti-government protests. the epicentre of the 2013 rallies. PM Recep Tayyip Erdogan had urged youths to not join Saturday's protests.

Image copyright Jim Burns

Meanwhile in Scotland, Jim Burns captured this serene image of the Tay Road Bridge and River Tay from Discovery Point in Dundee, looking across to Fife.

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