Your pictures: Photographers

Image source, Vineetha Sush
Image caption, Each week, we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "photographers" and we begin with this picture by Vineetha Sush of Beachy Head on the UK's southern coastline.
Image source, Juliet Evans
Image caption, Juliet Evans: "The unknown photographer at Boscombe beach, Dorset."
Image source, Madhu Jagdhish
Image caption, Madhu Jagdhish: "My wife is capturing the relaxing moments of my sister in her own way, after viewing the sculptures of 900-year-old Dharasuram Temple on a hot, humid day."
Image source, Marianne Kragh Pedersen
Image caption, Marianne Kragh Pedersen: "Jump to it, Koh Tao, Thailand. This group of tourists posed for a number of photos. They were having a good time, except for the guy to the right, talking on his cellphone. He didn't seem keen on the fun in the sun and opted out."
Image source, Adam Simmonds
Image caption, Adam Simmonds: "Taken on Brighton Pier around 1979 on Kodachrome 64 in a Canon AE-1. Two photographers in a window - the top right is me (reflected shadow outline), the other?"
Image source, Dipin Augustine
Image caption, Dipin Augustine, a travel writer and interested in photography, sent this shot from Kerala in southern India.
Image source, Jenny Downing
Image caption, Jenny Downing: "There's a shopping mall in Port Vell, Barcelona, which has a mirrored ceiling by the entrance. Everyone who looks up and notices it immediately whips out a camera to take a quirky self-portrait. With a bit of clever positioning, you can instead photograph the photographer - sometimes with amusing results."
Image source, Anna Sobotka
Image caption, Anna Sobotka: "It is hard to predict the moment a big chunk of ice wall fell off the face of the glacier. They missed it. The image was taken during a cruise from Punta Arenas to Ushuaia in Chile."
Image source, Doris Enders
Image caption, Doris Enders: "She was as quick as me!"
Image source, Sue Smith
Image caption, Sue Smith: "On a trip to take sunset photographs on Painswick Beacon [Gloucestershire, UK], I spotted these photographers on their trip to take the same sunset."
Image source, Graham Moore
Image caption, Graham Moore: "I’d call this Framed. My photo of someone taking a photo at the Red Fort, Agra."
Image source, Marcin Bieszczanin
Image caption, And finally, a photograph by Marcin Bieszczanin. The next theme is "translucent" and the deadline for your entries is 25 March. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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