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Swimming and singing: New Year in pictures

People around the world have ushered in 2014 with parades, shows and sometimes a very cold swim.

Image caption In Dunkirk, in northern France, revellers braved the cold to welcome in 2014
Image caption Durban beach in South Africa, may not have been as cold but it was even more crowded
Image caption In Lake Geneva, the swimmers brought celebratory champagne with them too
Image caption There were some unusual outfits on display in Scarborough, in northern England
Image caption Gymnastic talent was part of the festivities in Calcutta, India
Image caption The parade in the Champs Elysees in Paris included Bolivian dancers
Image caption Appropriately dressed Vancouver residents took to the chilly waters of English Bay for the 94th annual New Year's Day Polar Bear Swim
Image caption And further south in California, the traditional New Year's Day Pier Plaza plunge off Huntington Beach attracted some interesting headgear.

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