Your pictures of the year

image copyrightManisha Malhotra
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme, so to mark the end of 2013 here is a selection of the best. We begin with this shot by Manisha Malhotra which was on the theme of "hands".
image copyrightAmy Hazlehurst
image captionAmy Hazlehurst: "This was taken on the outskirts of Death Valley, in California, in May, while on an epic 4,000-mile [6,500km] road trip with nine friends in an RV [recreational vehicle] after our study abroad year of university in America. One of the best nights of my life!"
image copyrightAlan Walker
image captionAlan Walker: "Just a pink hat on a sunny day - to take your mind off winter."
image copyrightN Nishat
image captionN Nishat: "My kitten, Professor Piddles, eavesdropping on a private conversation between my husband and me."
image copyrightDavid Garrick
image captionDavid Garrick: "Nothing beats your first roll of film through a new camera. With help from Lomography's sprocket rocket camera and some handy use of flash filters, double exposed shots are one of the easiest ways of distorting your photos."
image copyrightJustin Garner
image captionJustin Garner: "This is a self-portrait from inside my fridge, titled Chocolaaaaaate!"
image copyrightLuke Edeson
image captionLuke Edeson: "A photo of my fiancee 'levitating' in front of a wall in London."
image copyrightJames Hook
image captionJames Hook: "One of the things other than the light that made me take this image is the framing of one of the most recognisable buildings in the world in one frame, and an anonymous couple in the other."
image copyrightpaul carron
image captionPaul Carron: "True grit. A competitor in the Northern Ireland Masters Cross Country at Lurgan Park earlier this year. I liked this because I think it shows the determination on his face."
image copyrightMaria Chebysheva
image captionMaria Chebysheva: "This is the photo of the house on the opposite side of the canal in Venice, Italy. These two cats stared at us suspiciously every time we had a breakfast, I guess they considered us some sausage market competitors. In any case, we were lucky to have water between our houses."
image copyrightAlex Wilson
image captionAlex Wilson: "The overflow of Ladybower Reservoir in the Peak District looks just like somebody has removed a giant bathplug"
image copyrightIan Garfield
image captionIan Garfield: "An F15E Strike Eagle from the USAF in North Wales."
image copyrightRon
image captionRon: "This is our cat, Duke. At the time of the photo, we thought he was a girl cat, we called him Winnie. He's not so small and cute anymore..."
image copyrightTacia Carlin
image captionTacia Carlin: "Picture taken with a pinhole effect, looking through a box."
image copyrightGraeme Gunn
image captionGraeme Gunn: "A dragonfly perching on the edge of a twig. I was lucky to get close enough to take the photo before it flew away."
image copyrightAlice Dowling
image captionAlice Dowling: "After a long day trekking around the art museum. My dad (on the far right) is a sports massage therapist and has stretched like this in public for as long as I can remember."
image copyrightAdrianne Amri
image captionAdrianne Amri: "These are my two best friends on the Island of Rab in Croatia. It is a tourist information frame, old and clearly unused. After a tough cycle day it provided some light entertainment for us."
image copyrightLise Leino
image captionLise Leino: "Mila's favourite shoes come rain or shine."
image copyrightPaul McDowall
image captionPaul McDowall: "I took this photo in Arran, where the seals were all resting on the rocks, and this one turned round and virtually smiled at me."
image copyrightGhadah Alkandari
image captionGhadah Alkandari: "I was scanning my drawings and as I placed one of my pieces back in its frame, I noticed an interesting interaction between my 'girl' and me. This one in particular reminded me of a baby in my belly. Hopefully not an omen!"
image copyrightBrendan Conway
image captionBrendan Conway: "Santorini in Greece is one of the most photogenic tourist destinations in the world, but this graffiti had a point. Maybe we should put our cameras down a bit more?"
image copyrightSamina Farooq
image captionSamina Farooq: "Puzzles and riddles."
image copyrightZara Sumpton
image captionZara Sumpton: "A frame within a frame. A self-portrait taken on a disposable camera in the jungle, Ecuador."
image copyrightMuireann Lonergan
image captionAnd finally, a photograph by Muireann Lonerga of her with her sisters on Cable Beach in Western Australia. The next theme is "Long and dark nights" and the deadline for your entries is 7 January. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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