In pictures: Resort by Anna Fox

image captionAs the new year gets under way and the days get longer, many in the UK will be looking forward to their summer holiday, and for some that will mean a trip to Butlins. Photographer Anna Fox spent two years photographing life at the camp in Bognor Regis, West Sussex, and the project has recently been published.
image captionIn 1936, Billy Butlin opened his first holiday camp, in Skegness, promising “a week’s holiday for a week’s wages”. By the 1970s it was at its peak, taking a record one million bookings in 1972.
image captionAt that time, John Hinde took colour photographs of the various activities at Butlins holiday camps, which Fox used for inspiration.
image captionHinde's influence led to Fox taking, for her, a new approach, using a medium or large-format camera.
image captionThe resulting photographs are highly detailed and on a large scale.
image captionHer more controlled approach seemed to encourage holidaymakers to get involved and become willing participants in the process.
image captionThe scenes are not set up, but the lighting gives the pictures an almost cinematic feel.
image captionIn the introduction to the book, David Chandler, professor of photography at the University of Plymouth, says the holiday camp remains "a network of highly theatricalised sets... new versions of Butlins's earlier themed bars and ballrooms, albeit now fabricated according to contemporary tastes and expectations".
image captionFox is professor in photography at University for the Creative Arts at Farnham. Her work has been published and exhibited worldwide. Anna Fox - Resort 1 is published by Schilt Publishing.