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In pictures: The Hidden Mother

image captionSince the invention of the camera the desire to record the lives of our children has provided photographers with a steady stream of subjects.
image captionBut in the early days of photography, long exposure times meant it was often a struggle to ensure young children remained in front of the camera's lens.
image captionOne solution to this was to place the mother in the frame, sometimes simply draped in cloth to hide her in the final picture, ensuring the child takes pride of place.
image captionIn a new book, The Hidden Mother, Linda Fregni Nagler has collected more than 1,000 examples of this practice.
image captionSome are amusing, as here where a mother seems to be holding the child up, and ensuring he doesn't fall off the chair.
image captionOthers clearly show the mother's form, presenting her children to the camera's lens.
image captionThe Hidden Mother by Linda Fregni Nagler is published by MACK and the Nouveau Musee National de Monaco.

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