Your pictures: Shoes

Image source, Brandon Klein
Image caption, Each week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "shoes" and we begin with this photograph taken by Brandon Klein.
Image source, Andy Price
Image caption, Andy Price: "This shoe tree image was taken last year whilst travelling from Nevada to Zion National Park. No-one seems to know why shoes are attached to the tree."
Image source, Simon Hunt
Image caption, Simon Hunt: "My daughter preparing to go to school with her slightly tatty school shoes."
Image source, Duncan Holmes
Image caption, Duncan Holmes: "I spotted these spanking brand-new yellow shoes on the Tube. That's my colleague Marissa in the sensible brown shoes. We were on the way back to the office after a visit to take photographs of construction work at Borough Market."
Image source, Henk Blom
Image caption, Henk Blom: "Cape Town baker Julian Pedro, of Aniyor Bakery, applying the finishing touches to a pair of icing shoes he is making for his soon-to-be-born daughter's stork party over the past weekend."
Image source, Wamuyu Kiragu
Image caption, Wamuyu Kiragu: "For some reason, I love taking photographs of people's shoes as they perform on stage at live gigs."
Image source, Manisha Malhotra
Image caption, Manisha Malhotra: "I was trying to create this picture with my favourite red puma shoes."
Image source, Lise Leino
Image caption, Lise Leino: "Mila's favourite shoes come rain or shine."
Image source, Charlotte Ainslie
Image caption, Charlotte Ainslie: "I took this picture whilst volunteering in Ghana. We held a culture day for all the schoolchildren in the village of Bantuma and everybody turned up, lining the walls of the school compound. I decided to focus on their lower body and shoes (or lack of in some cases!) as I felt it made for a more interesting photograph."
Image source, Camilla Reynolds
Image caption, Camilla Reynolds: "My children love their funky-legs bookmarks, my son has one with football boots and my daughter one with witch's shoes - something to encourage them to read more books."
Image source, Raymond Low
Image caption, Raymond Low: "I took this photo while waiting in a taxi queue in the rain in Manila, the Philippines. I liked the light reflections on the cobblestones and the motion of the youth's training shoes running to get out of the rain."
Image source, Nicholas Goodwille
Image caption, And finally, a photograph by Nicholas Goodwille. The next theme is "resting" and the deadline for your entries is 22 October. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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