Your pictures: Motoring

image source, Kimberley Abell
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "motoring" and we begin with this photograph sent in by Kimberley Abell.
image source, Beowulf Mayfield
image captionBeowulf Mayfield: "A vintage-style clockwork racing car races down the hill to the finishing line."
image source, Ken O'Connell
image captionKen O'Connell sent in this photograph captured in the vintage-car section of the Innishannon Steam and Vintage Rally in County Cork, Ireland.
image source, Kyle Burt
image captionKyle Burt: "A Jeep ride to [the] 2005 Goodwood Revival."
image source, Samantha Woodland
image captionSamantha Woodland: "Cruising round in our hire car in Kas, Turkey - never wanted to leave."
image source, Jignasa Jokhaker
image captionJignasa Jokhaker: "Often overlooked - the inside of my car's muffler, watching the world."
image source, Sarah Howkins
image captionSarah Howkins: "I captured this image one evening after work, I liked the colours and structure. The cars and their timing only added to the shot."
image source, John Halsey
image captionJohn Halsey: "The local chapter of the Amicale Spitfire [the French Triumph Spitfire Club] had a two-day outing to the Col de la Bonette in the southern Alps. Here, 35- to 50-year-old cars and their owners are setting up camp just below the top for a windy and convivial night stopover."
image source, Sue Lodder
image captionSue Lodder: "Ray and I in our 1957 Mercedes Benz 300SL."
image source, Julie Thomson
image captionJulie Thomson: "Ted, possibly the world’s best travelled toy bear, riding the dashboard of our Mustang."
image source, Marti Trujols
image captionMarti Trujols: "I love the different colours of the detergents, the noise of the brushes at the car wash. And there is nothing better than a clean car."
image source, Rob Sayer
image captionRob Sayer: "This was taken on a visit to the North West Museum of Road Transport in St Helens, Merseyside. Among the buses and trucks, there is a red milk float, which Jacob fell in love with."
image source, Amy Dyer
image captionAmy Dyer: "The Stroud and District Motor Club summer trial, with many cars attempting the different routes set out in the woodland. This Beetle was struggling on a bit of a hill, and I loved the way the light coming through the trees caught the dust and steam coming from the car."
image source, Alex Clinkard
image captionAlex Clinkard: "My husband and dog on [their] way to a holiday in Wales, going over the Severn Bridge."
image source, Emilie Andrews
image captionEmilie Andrews: "Early morning fog, Port Royal, Virginia."
image source, Jason Shrubb
image captionJason Shrubb: "The Mutoid Waste Company and their fantastic vehicles - as seen at the 2012 London Paralympic closing ceremony and Rolling Stones concert - prepare for an evening display at Bournemouth Arts Festival."
image source, Alasdair Johnston
image captionAlasdair Johnston: "Taken from the Prescott Speed Hill Climb 2013. I used filters and cropped the images to achieve the best outcome."
image source, Prashanth Shivakumar
image captionAnd finally, a photograph by Prashanth Shivakumar of the Monte Carlo Classic Rally in Glasgow. The next theme is "lines" and the deadline for your entries is 8 October. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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