Your pictures: Hands

image source, Manisha Malhotra
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "hands" and we begin with this image taken by Manisha Malhotra.
image source, Zoya Spasova
image captionZoya Spasova: "At home, my toddler trying to get hold of some biscuits she knows she is not allowed to have."
image source, Irena Loloci
image captionIrena Loloci: "My friend Massimo took this picture with his phone when he saw me playing with the fallen golden leaves."
image source, Alan Duncan
image captionAlan Duncan: "A nice pair of sunny hands. Came across this sculpture, walking along the coast in Maderia."
image source, Tim Churcher
image captionTim Churcher: "Obviously this is a photo manipulation of my hand, although I sometimes think it would be handy to be built like this - no pun intended."
image source, Hugo Talbot
image captionHugo Talbot: "Hands of time - one of the world's most iconic timepieces, located in the middle of the main concourse of Grand Central Terminal, New York, with four clock faces and primarily made from brass and opalescent glass."
image source, Nikki McIntyre
image captionNikki McIntyre: "A picture of my little boy's hands that I took for a night-school project. I called it Time on his Hands."
image source, Rosemary Swan
image captionRosemary Swan: "Get a Grip was created out of the sensation that there is always something trying to get a grasp on you. Be that work, life, relationships, money et cetera."
image source, Gwenda Cavanagh
image captionGwenda Cavanagh: "Friends asked me to take some family photos, of which this is my favourite. The contrast of a three-week-old baby's downy head in the work-roughened hands of her daddy and her completely relaxed body language are a lovely image of her trust in him. I call the photo Implicit Trust."
image source, rich stokoe
image captionRich Stokoe: "The oldest hands in the world - taken in Kakadu National Park Australia in 2011. These are believed to be the oldest impressions of hands anywhere on the planet and are thought to be 40,000 years old."
image source, James Hopkins
image captionJames Hopkins: "Some tiny toy hands that came off of a model kit."
image source, James Warman
image captionAnd finally... a photograph by James Warman. The next theme is "chairs" and the deadline for your entries is 11 June. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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