Your pictures: Pinhole photography

Image source, Ben Smart
Image caption, Each week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is on pinhole photography and we begin with this image of a tree by Ben Smart. It was taken using an old Holga camera that has been modified into a medium format pinhole camera.
Image source, Diane Peterson
Image caption, Diane Peterson: "I am an avid pinholer from the United States, Idaho to be exact. I make pinhole cameras every week. I just see a box or tin and know it has to become one. This image was made from a rather small 4x4" metal cookie tin, circa 1954. Focal length six inches, which is a bit far but I was happy with the results."
Image source, Daniel Ramsay
Image caption, Daniel Ramsay: "My niece tidied her toys up and the thought of a dinosaur in Noah's Ark amused me. I used a Holga WPC (Wide Pinhole Camera) with 120 film."
Image source, Christopher Oven
Image caption, Christopher Oven: "This was originally taken for my exam topic in photography. I used multiple exposures to help determine the amount of time and detail in each image. I also used bits of twigs and straw which are placed in the homemade pinhole camera, to create a photogram on top of the image."
Image source, Sarah Mawdsley
Image caption, Sarah Mawdsley: "Shot on Worldwide Pinhole Day with a Nikon D800 plus a body cap pinhole. ISO was bumped up to ensure a grainy image and I then converted it to black and white. Taken in Finland, near to Tampere."
Image source, Tacia Carlin
Image caption, Tacia Carlin: "Picture taken with a pinhole effect, looking through a box."
Image source, Anna Grayson
Image caption, Anna Grayson: " I took this image with a pinhole camera made from a biscuit tin in Trafalgar Square last November. I scanned in the negative (which was on photographic paper of course) and made it positive."
Image source, Maki Aoyama
Image caption, Maki Aoyama: "Camber Beach taken with my homemade paper pinhole camera and ISO 400 film, with an accidental half double-exposure of the Old Naval Collage in Greenwich."
Image source, Richard Chilton
Image caption, And finally... a photograph by Richard Chilton: "A pin-produced hole in my cushion". The next theme is "Worn out" and the deadline for your entries is 7 May. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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