Your pictures: Migration

image source, Andrew Caley
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week it is "migration" and we begin with this image from Andrew Caley: "A female and male beetle on a long migration across a forest path."
image source, Daniel James Towle
image captionDaniel James Towle: "I took this photo during rush hour on Kensington High Street. I loved how this dog was so eager to try and get on the bus to leave the rat race behind."
image source, Terry McKeown
image captionTerry McKeown: "This statue is located at the site where child migrants sent from the UK and Malta first stepped on to Australian soil in Fremantle, Western Australia. These children endured many hardships but went on to make a valuable contribution to the fabric of modern Australia."
image source, Pierino Algieri
image captionPierino Algieri: "Atlantic salmon migrating up the river Lledr in North Wales. This is my favourite place to photograph the amazing leaping salmon as they battle up the rivers to their place of birth. They can leap up to 12 feet or more to negotiate large waterfalls such as this one."
image source, Adrianne Amri
image captionAdrianne Amri: "Cycling our way across Europe in 2010 with everything we needed on the frame of our bikes. Completely self-sufficient in search of the next resting place. Migrating?"
image source, Kawshik
image captionKawshik: "I took this photo in Calcutta a few days back on my way towards home. The open sky becomes the roof for the workers who migrated to the city to work as load-bearers or rickshaw-pullers from the villages mostly of West Bengal and Bihar."
image source, Cara Duncan
image captionCara Duncan: "Where should we migrate to this year? I bet you wouldn't need a lamp if we lived in South America. These huddling parakeets took it in turns to sit in front of the light for warmth... you can't blame them living in Scotland!"
image source, Eric Peterson
image captionEric Peterson: "Canadian geese flying north in the San Fernando Valley, California to their evening waterhole. These geese ultimately migrated out of Southern California by early spring."
image source, Oscar Dingley
image captionOscar Dingley: "I took this picture whilst on a plane to Spain. The clouds look so solid you could step on them."
image source, Mary Gray
image captionAnd finally... a photograph by Mary Gray. The next theme is "Croatia" and the deadline for your entries is 23 April. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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