They are Us and We are Them

Update June 2015: The images on this page have been removed at the request of the photographer.

Photographer Jenny Wicks has spent the past year as artist in residence at the Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research in Glasgow observing the spaces in which criminologists do their work.

The result is two sets of work that Wicks says sets about "exploring and unsettling key boundaries - between innocent and guilty, researcher and researched, us and them."

One set consists mainly of pictures from HMP Shotts prior to opening, as well as HMP Low Moss and Barlinnie, and shows clinical spaces which become the enforced home of those detained and the workplace of those on the other side.

"I have been returning to these places of cultural cliche and the images I've produced aim to demystify them and the work criminologists undertake," says Wicks. "Some of the images juxtapose the often-chaotic lives that occupy these spaces and contradict the harsh realities of prison life."

The other piece of work is entitled, They are Us and We are Them: Portraits of prisoner, prison officer and criminologist. Using a large format (5x4) Wista field camera Wickes is seeking to recall the Victorian portraits of criminals that many believed at that time revealed the criminal trait or personality.

Her aim was to mimic the daguerreotype process used back then, limiting herself to one frame per sitter.

The mug shot itself is still a term that denotes some kind of criminality, or unpleasantness. "The traditional mug shot is a process (or space) where a person is automatically marked as a criminal (although not yet convicted), it is combative, accusing, dehumanizing," says Wicks.

Yet the work is more than simply a record or document as Wicks explains. "What I find interesting is the way that the mug shot, prison, the criminal justice spaces all strip away the complexities of that person and they then become part of a subset, in the eyes of others and significantly in their own eyes.

"They are no longer unique personalities and the 'self' is redefined."

The work, an interactive multi-media installation incorporating audio, fine art photography and object sculpture, is on show at the The Briggait Gallery, Glasgow from 27 February to 22nd March 2013 having been shown in scaled down form at HMP Barlinnie last year.