Audio slideshow: Restoration of the rivers

Good management of waterways is an essential part of the fight against some of the extreme weather the UK has suffered in past years. In 2012 the country saw record levels of rainfall in some areas with about 8,000 homes flooded, and yet earlier in the year hosepipe bans followed a period of drought.

Meteorologists are warning that extremes of weather may increase as global temperatures slowly rise, and Environment Agency chairman Chris Smith has pointed out that modelling suggests that a changing climate could reduce some river flows by up to 80% during the summer in the next 40 years.

Dr Dylan Bright, of the Westcountry Rivers Trust, talks about a three-year, £4m project of restoration work on river catchments across the South West of England and the ways in which this can help stabilise the country's water supply.

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Photography, audio and production by Paul Glendell. Westcountry Rivers Trust

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