Your pictures: Self-portrait

image sourceRick Turner
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week the theme is self-portraits and we begin with an image sent in by Rick Turner.
image sourceOlivia Huntingford
image captionOlivia Huntingford: "I was inspired by this mirror on my holiday in Rhodes last year and thought a self-portrait would be appropriate. I had to lie on the floor in the hotel lobby, luckily no-one was around."
image sourceStuart Braysford
image captionStuart Braysford: "My first attempt at a self-portrait and I'm thinking of selling the rights to a scarecrow company!"
image sourceRay sewell
image captionRay Sewell: "I decided to wrap a map of my home town of Manchester around my self-portrait, using the displacement-map effect in Photoshop."
image sourcePaul Evans
image captionPaul Evans: "Riding in Karnataka, India, near Bangalore, a Royal Enfield, a near empty road and a lucky shot."
image sourceSimon Mee
image captionSimon Mee: "A 40-second exposure, moving with a strobe to achieve a composite of four of me."
image sourceHsuan Lammers
image captionHsuan Lammers: "Me, snorkelling off Amed, in Bali, January 2013."
image sourceLidia Regueiro
image captionLidia Regueiro: "I'd been trying out different face-painting designs. The clown face has quite obvious symbolism in terms of self-portrait, and I added the mirror to add to the 'performance' idea of the clown. I didn't realise it would end up looking so scary!"
image sourceMark J Rothberg
image captionMark J Rothberg: "I'm a photography student, and this term we've been looking at portraiture. I took this as part of our recent self-portrait mini-project."
image sourceWill Creasy
image captionWill Creasy: "A portrait of my friend Sam and myself, taken while motorbiking the Cunny Path, in Vietnam."
image sourceChrissie Barrow
image captionChrissie Barrow: "That's me in the bubble - I was taking photos of washing-up bubbles in the sunlight, and found I'd captured myself in one."
image sourceJustin Garner
image captionJustin Garner: "This is a self-portrait from inside my fridge, titled Chocolaaaaaate!"
image sourceIan Hartwell
image captionIan Hartwell: "I couldn't keep my dinner down".
image sourceSławomir Maludzinski
image captionSławomir Maludzinski: "Looking at myself through Salvador Dali installation, at Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, France."
image sourceLaurence Green
image captionLaurence Green: "This is a self-portrait taken in mid-December, using my flatmate's clear juggling ball, which I noticed was able to produce some interesting results when used as an external lens."
image sourceGavin Jackman
image captionAnd finally a photo by Gavin Jackman titled The Two Sides of Me. The next theme is "baking" and the deadline for your entries is 19 February. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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