Your pictures: Thailand

image sourceJim Byrden
image captionEach week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week the theme is Thailand and we begin with an image taken by Jim Byrden.
image sourcetracey malone
image captionTracey Malone: "An old lady sells sticky rice on the floating market at Damnoen Saduak."
image sourceSophia Huda
image captionSophia Huda: "I took this picture while snorkelling off the island of Kho Tao. These fish were very interested in us humans and would swim straight up to you, veering off at the last minute or surrounding you and giving sharp little 'kisses' everywhere."
image sourceLewis Handley
image captionLewis Handley: "This is a curious water buffalo named Thidwick in my back garden in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Water buffalo are just so interesting and once you get to know them you'll find they have very unique personalities, just like Thailand."
image sourceMadhulika Joshi
image captionMadhulika Joshi: "The cliche - Pattaya city."
image sourceGerwyn Williams
image captionGerwyn Williams: "This was taken at Wat Muang in Angthong Province on a day trip from Bangkok with my wife and some friends. The size of the Buddha is very impressive as the land around it is very flat so you can see it from miles away."
image sourceJo Farrell
image captionJo Farrell: "A Buddha's head entwined in tree roots, Wat Mahathat, Ayutthaya."
image sourceTom Bushell
image captionTom Bushell: "Traditional Thai boats line up on Koh Phi Phi beach where The Beach was filmed."
image sourceEmily Deibert
image captionEmily Deibert: "With this scooter, we were able to take in all 9.6 sq miles [17.9 sq km] of the beautiful, undisturbed island of Koh Mak."
image sourceTree Cowell
image captionTree Cowell: "An elephant and rider clear a patch of land for a game of elephant polo."
image sourcePhil Lattimore
image captionPhil Lattimore: "Preparing fish in Bangkok's Chinatown district."
image sourceEric Matthews
image captionEric Matthews: "Buddhist figures awaiting repair or renovation in a car park at the rear of a shop in Bangkok, Thailand."
image sourceTim DiMarzio
image captionTim DiMarzio: "Watching the night fade away as the sun starts to make its presence known for the next day of exploring in Bangkok."
image sourceRalph Tabberer
image captionRalph Tabberer: "School's out - just in time for the monsoon rain in Bangkok."
image sourceLauri Walker
image captionLauri Walker: "A hot day on Ko Samet during the summer of 2006, this thirsty guy joins us for a drink."
image sourceDavid Humphreys
image captionAnd finally a photo taken by David Humphreys of Koh Phi Phi. Next week the theme is music, and the deadline for your entries is 4 September. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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