Your pictures: Canada

Image source, Kasia Krempa
Image caption, Each week we publish a gallery of readers' pictures on a set theme. This week the theme is Canada and we begin with a photo taken by Kasia Krempa.
Image source, Elizabeth Fagan
Image caption, Elizabeth Fagan: "When on a family holiday travelling around Canada many years ago we went quad biking and quite unexpectedly came across this waterfall, complete with rainbow created by the water spray."
Image source, Albine Guitard
Image caption, Albine Guitard: "I took this picture this past winter in Montreal just after the first snow. The scene reminded me of a Bruegel painting."
Image source, George Bedigan
Image caption, George Bedigan: "Bald Eagle taken at Parksville, Vancouver Island."
Image source, Jan Tissandier
Image caption, Jan Tissandier: "A self portrait, with Mount Rundle in the background, taken by the Bow River in Canmore, Alberta."
Image source, Ben Mockett
Image caption, Ben Mockett: "I took this picture on a lovely spring morning in Nanaimo on the west coast of Canada."
Image source, Georgina Kidd
Image caption, Georgina Kidd: "A spectator passes time between rodeos at the Calgary Stampede."
Image source, Andy Kindred
Image caption, Andy Kindred: "An outcrop of Boreal Forest in the middle of a frozen tundra."
Image source, Mike Burgin
Image caption, Mike Burgin: "Niagara Falls in Winter - The Horseshoe Falls with the ice bridge stretching across the river in the foreground."
Image source, Felicia Douglas
Image caption, Felicia Douglas: "View of Okanagan Lake in the fall from Winfield."
Image source, Alfredo Leiva
Image caption, Alfredo Leiva: "Northern Lights illuminate the city of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada."
Image source, Alexis Birkill
Image caption, Alexis Birkill: "As the sun sets behind Stanley Park in Vancouver, the city lights start to come on. The seaplane terminal can also be seen in the foreground, which provides transport to many of southern British Columbia's islands."
Image source, Lina De Francesco
Image caption, Lina De Francesco: "An Inukshuk on the way to the airport in Baker Lake, Nunavut."
Image source, Lauren Edur
Image caption, Lauren Edur: "This is the morning sunrise from my condo balcony overlooking Lake Ontario and the Toronto skyline."
Image source, Emily Taylor
Image caption, And finally a photo of the Canadian Snowbirds by Emily Taylor. Next week the theme is Reunion and the deadline for your entries is 29 May. If you would like to enter, send your pictures to Further details and terms can be found by following the link below this gallery.

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