Audio slideshow: Living with HIV in Kenya's Kibera slum

Charles Sako is HIV-positive but thanks to the latest drugs is able to lead an active life in the Kenyan slum of Kibera where he lives. Six years ago, he was given a disposable camera for a week to document his life on HIV treatment.

As the United Nations meets in New York to discuss the global response to the pandemic over the next decade and to mark the 30th anniversary of the discovery of Aids, Charles gives us an update on how his own life has moved on.

The latest scientific research shows that treating people with HIV/Aids not only saves lives but can also prevent the virus from spreading. In Kenya, some 450,000 people - like Charles - are getting the drugs they need but another 250,000 are still waiting.

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Photography by Sven Torfinn for Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF).

Slideshow production by MSF and Phil Coomes at the BBC.

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