How to get BBC News on smart speakers

Image caption Just say 'Give Me BBC News' to any smart speaker

Say "Give Me BBC News" to any smart speaker, to get the latest briefing on the stories that matter.

A dedicated team of BBC journalists works 24/7 to supply the major smart speaker platforms - Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri and Google Assistant - with the latest BBC audio news, drawing on our local, national, specialist and global journalism.

If you say "Give Me BBC News" to an Alexa device, you'll get our new interactive features too.

You can still just listen through to the news as normal, but if you chose to you can move through the stories using your voice.

For example, you can move to the next story by saying "Alexa, next".

You can also get an in-depth take on selected stories by saying the specific phrase, "Alexa, More From the BBC".

This will get you to the richest audio the BBC newsroom has on each topic, telling the human stories behind current events, and explaining and analysing what's going on.

Limitations imposed by other platforms currently prevent us from offering these interactive features elsewhere, but we hope to bring them to all audiences when we can.

The BBC does not charge you to access smart speaker content and offers its services without cost to all UK smart speaker platforms.