NHS Tracker: How is the NHS in your area coping this winter?


A combination of winter and the ongoing Covid pandemic is placing a huge strain on hospitals.

Patients are facing long waits for emergency treatment and wards are short of beds.

Enter a postcode to find out what is happening in your area.

A modern browser with JavaScript and a stable internet connection are required to view this interactive.

Data for England is shown by NHS trust, where the trust includes at least one non-specialist hospital with a Type 1 A&E department.

Type 1 means a consultant-led 24 hour A&E service with full resuscitation facilities.

When you enter a postcode for a location in England you will be shown a list of NHS trusts in your area. They will not necessarily be in order of your closest hospital as some trusts have more than one hospital.

Data for Wales and Scotland are shown by NHS board.

This lookup contains officially published health data from England, Scotland and Wales. Data is not available for Northern Ireland as it is published quarterly and does not yet cover this winter. However live hospital emergency department waiting time data is published here.

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