Great expectations: Motherhood advice for Alex Jones

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Image caption Parenthood: The start of a great adventure

The One Show's Alex Jones is presenting her last show before going on maternity leave.

The new arrival will be especially welcomed as the presenter was worried she may have left it too late to have a baby.

Readers have taken the opportunity to share their experiences and pass on their tips for the mother-to-be.

Rosalyn English writes: "Everyone will give advice but each baby is unique, what works for one may not for another.

"Each stage has wonderful and trying times but passes amazingly quickly.

"Enjoy them as one day, in the blink of an eye, they'll be grown and gone and you can't recapture the magic, but you can always remember it but not if you missed it!

"Get a video to capture special times, my boys are in their 30s and we can look back at them talking, laughing, playing etc, real treasures. Oh and you are never free from worrying about them!"

Patricia Renwick adds these words of wisdom:

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Trudi Hooper echoes this advice:

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Caitlin Mackenzie says that Alex should treasure every moment:

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Gillian Surgey counsels: "Thank everyone for their 'good advice' and then do what feels right for you."

Jacqueline Shaw suggests going with the flow: "Just embrace a wonderful experience it's life changing for the better, and have a sense of humour as I feel if you do it helps."

John Gledhill looks into the future:

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Written by Bernadette McCague, UGC & Social News team

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