Junior doctors' #smearthedocs reaction

The Sun newspaper has called junior doctors leading Tuesday's planned strike 'champagne-swilling socialists'. The article refers to doctors who have had a 'string of luxury holidays' and 'swanky meals'.

As a result #smearthedocs has been trending on social media, with many doctors posting sarcastic tweets. Here is a selection:

Dr David Wrigley did not have an inflated opinion...

Image copyright Twitter/Dr David Wrigley

Dr Archana Nathan was a bit crafty...

Image copyright Twitter/Archana Nathan

Lily Minster clearly needed some space...

Image copyright Twitter/Lily Minster

Sophie Benoliel has been studying the small print...

Image copyright Twitter/Sophie Benoliel

Danny Turton was feeling musical...

Image copyright Twitter/Danny Turton

Kate F shared her cup of tea:

Image copyright Kate F
Image caption 'Junior doctor spotted sitting down for first time since 8am and drinking cup of tea AT WORK!...'

Dr Amjed Hossain was not horsing around...

Image copyright Twitter/Dr Amjed Hossain

Joella Williams was not climbing down....

Image copyright Twitter/Joella Williams
Image copyright Joella Williams
Image caption Joella Williams also shared a photo of her 'luxury yacht'

Compiled by Sherie Ryder