Will you be drinking less under new limits?

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There is no such thing as a safe level of drinking, according to tough new guidelines on alcohol consumption.

The UK's chief medical officers have lowered the recommended maximum weekly number of units for adults.

The new advice says men and women who drink regularly should consume no more than 14 units a week - equivalent to six pints of beer or seven glasses of wine - with some alcohol-free days each week, while pregnant women should not drink at all

We've been asking you whether this new advice is going to change how you drink.

A short and to the point response came from Abi Allen and Chris Addison.

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Bob Dutton welcomed the new information, while Emelyn Gregorio was thinking of changing the amount she drank.

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Commenting at the bottom a BBC article on the issue, Sarah was considering stopping altogether.

"I think the message about limiting your alcohol intake is that it makes you healthier.

"I don't particularly want to live older, but I do want to live a life as full as I can.

"I quit smoking four or five years ago, and now I want to try and give up alcohol because I was bordering on alcoholic, as I was drinking every night, every day.

"I want to feel better, not sluggish and stupid like when I drunk."

David Handley and Can Lawton explained in Facebook posts why they would be unlikely to change their drinking habits.

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Some people thought the new limits were evidence of the "nanny state".

"Common sense and a little of what you fancy has always been the best advice for eating and drinking. That and the nanny state minding its own business, rather than adding to our stressful lives, with its 'latest advice' (before it changes again), would make us all happier and healthier." Agrippa wrote in the comments section of a BBC article.

While Matthew Crisafi tweeted:

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Matt Sharp reminded people on Facebook it was only a recommendation and could be ignored.

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Others had a more light-hearted outlook on the advice, with Rick Fleming commenting he'd have to get drunk tonight to stop worrying about his drinking.

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