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A chest X-ray showing cancer in the right lung.Cancer diagnosis 'within four weeks'

NHS patients in England should get results for cancer tests within four weeks of being referred by a GP by 2020 under new plans to provide "world class care".

RadiotherapyNHS misses a year of cancer targets

The NHS in England has repeatedly missed a key target for rapidly treating cancer patients, official figures for 2014 show.

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  • Have we cured cancer?

    Immunotherapy is fast becoming a powerful new weapon against cancer. But is it the cure we've been waiting for?

  • A new era in cancer treatment?

    Results from clinical trials have had cancer specialists talking of this being a "game-changing" moment and a "new era" in cancer treatment. Are the claims justified, and what about the cost of the new drugs?

  • Defeating cancer, the 'evil genius'

    Can we win the war against cancer? Over the past 18 months, Panorama has followed a group of patients on drug trials. Some who'd been given months to live, are keeping cancer at bay for years.

  • Is cancer care at a crossroads?

    As cancer is becoming more common, the NHS is increasingly finding it difficult to cope.

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