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  1. FM accused of not understanding the urgency of the ambulance situation

    ambulance crew and patient

    The Labour leader accuses Ms Sturgeon of "not understanding the urgency of the situation".

    He says waiting a week for a statement, waiting for actions and looking at options will take too long.

    Mr Sarwar says urgent action needs to happen today.

    He asks how much more time the FM and the health secretary need to "fix this mess".

    Ms Sturgeon says government is a 24-hour-a-day responsibility.

    She says she does not "shy away" from how difficult the challenges are and her job is "not just to describe the problem, but to provide solutions".

  2. Call for legal visiting rights for care home residents

    BBC Radio Leeds

    A woman from Halifax is calling for a change in the law to ensure people in care homes are not left isolated in the event of another lockdown.

    Penny Hutchinson

    Penny Hutchinson (pictured) is a member of the Rights for Residents campaign group and will hand in a petition to Downing Street this lunchtime.

    She is classed as an Essential Care Giver (ECG) for her mother, who lives in a residential home.

    Ms Hutchinson said: "Mum seems to have come alive now we can visit again and she's more chatty and smiling.

    "We have many members who still see their loved ones through a window and some care homes are not allowing residents access to an Essential Care Giver."

    The government guidance currently says an ECG should be able to visit a home, even if there is an outbreak of Covid-19. Penny wants that status to be protected by law.

  3. Sarwar asks first minister to declare major incident and call in the Army


    Mr Sarwar says that, if the health service cannot handle the pressure pre-winter, "imagine how hard it will be when winter arrives."

    He asks the first minister to listen to NHS staff, who are "being failed".

    The Scottish Labour leader asks her if she will declare a major incident and draft in the Army to help.

    The FM says she is actively considering the detail of a request for military assistance.

    She says the ambulance service is working at its top level of escalation - level four.

    She says pop-up wards may not be appropriate and is looking at an alternative of temporary admission wards.

    Ms Sturgeon says she will continue to try to find solutions and will be focused on this for as long as it takes.

  4. Sarwar: 'No-one should be left to die on the floor'

    Anas Sarwar also brings up the issue of long waits for ambulances and accuses the first minister of "evading the issue".

    The Scottish Labour leader says the Scottish government should not use the pandemic as "cover" for government failings.

    He says "no-one should be left to die on the floor while waiting 40 hours for an ambulance".

    He asks Nicola Sturgeon how many hours she will take to fix the problem.

    Anas Sarwar
    Image caption: Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar

    Ms Sturgeon says the pandemic has created the most challenging conditions for the health service since the NHS was created.

    She says it is not acceptable for one person, let alone more than that, to endure a long wait for an ambulance.

    She says she is seeking to find solutions with the ambulance service.

    The first minister adds that "we are facing probably the most challenging winter for the health service and for society in any of our lifetimes" and says it will be the responsibility of the Scottish government to support the NHS throughout the winter.

  5. Hundreds of hospital front-line staff not fully vaccinated

    Local Democracy Reporting Service

    Around 350 front-line staff at Harrogate District Hospital have not been fully vaccinated against Covid, it has been revealed.

    Harrogate District Hospital

    That figure represents just under 10% of the 3,598 patient-facing staff at the hospital and was revealed by Dr Jacqueline Andrews, executive medical director at the Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust.

    She said the trust was urging all remaining staff to get doubled jabbed and that managers were speaking with those workers who may have concerns.

    It's also emerged that across North Yorkshire around 430 care home workers have not been vaccinated.

    Today is the deadline for care home staff to have their first jabs ahead of it becoming mandatory in November for people working in the sector to have been vaccinated.