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Getting teenage boys to question norms around sex

An interactive radio drama in Mozambique aims to reduce things like early marriages
A group of volunteers in Mozambique are running an interactive radio drama programme aimed at reducing early marriages and teenage pregnancies. The project, called Male Engagement, is targeting teenage boys. The radio programme, supported by the UK based charity VSO ( Volunteer Service Overseas) gets story ideas directly from school children, and gets them involved directly in each episode. The project is currently run in Maputo Province but will be expanded across Mozambique in March. Kensani Nhambongo is the coordinator for the project. She has been telling Newsday more about it. 

(Photos: A broadcast of the Male engagement radio Programme Credit: VSO/Jeff De’kock)
Coronavirus: Dad says hospital is 'like a prison'
A British couple diagnosed with coronavirus have told relatives of their distress at being moved to a different hospital.