Scottish independence referendum: The issues Energy, oil and gas

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Energy market claims analysed

Coloured bulbs in a row

Expert Euan Phimister looks at the claims and counter-claims about the energy market post a Yes vote.

Latest updates Energy, oil and gas



How important is North Sea oil and gas?

Global oil prices have fallen sharply over the past seven months, leading to a crisis for many oil producers, so how important is the sector to the UK economy?



Falling oil price ‘bad news’ for Scotland

Anas Sarwar calls on the prime minister to lead a cross-party delegation to meet North Sea Oil industry leaders.



Energy firm notes poll 'uncertainty'

The firm which operates Scotland's two nuclear power plants says there is ongoing uncertainty about the impact of independence on the power sector.



TV moments: The story of oil

The issue of North Sea oil has been key ahead of the Scottish independence referendum. But how did it earn its place in the debate? Here, we've delved through the BBC archives to tell the story.

How the oil comes up

The process of oil extraction from the North Sea fields.

The Queen sets UK oil flowing

Queen Elizabeth II opens the UK's first oil pipeline at BP's operational headquarters outside Aberdeen.

Scottish Labour: Oil is for all UK

The Chairman of the Scottish Labour party states that North Sea oil is British, not Scottish

First trickles of North Sea oil

Energy Secretary Tony Benn marks the first delivery to shore from UK oil fields

Oil and the Scottish environment

The discovery of reserves of oil beneath the North Sea off the coast of Scotland has raised concerns among affected communities.

SNP oil policy

Alan Watson asks Scottish Nationalist Party MP Gordon Wilson what claim Scotland has over oil discovered beneath the North Sea.
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