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Millie Bobby Brown says 'Alzheimer's is evil' in tribute to grandmother

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image captionMillie Bobby Brown has starred in Stranger Things since 2016

Stranger Things star Millie Bobby Brown has labelled Alzheimer's "evil", while paying tribute to her late grandmother.

The 16-year-old British actress posted her tribute to "nanny Ruth" on Instagram, where they were pictured kissing one another on the cheek.

"Alzheimer's is evil," wrote Brown in the caption. "Its cruel.

"Taking away someone's ability to remember memories and then how to function like a human being. Its so hard to sit there and watch."

In a lengthy tribute, Brown continued: "I loved you more than anyone could ever love.

"I'll tell everyone about you and the lessons you taught me. I'll thank you every day for the laughs and memories you gave me all through out my life so far."

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There’s no words that make sense right now. There’s no feeling to pin point. Loss is something so complex and I go thru spells where I cant stop crying and then I laugh about all the memories and then sit quiet and try to comprehend what happened. Alzheimer's is evil. Its cruel. Taking away someones ability to remember memories and then how to function like a human being. Its so hard to sit there and watch. i’ll always be your millie moos. I hope u watch over me and protect me like u did when I was little. I loved you more than anyone could ever love. Ill tell everyone about you and the lessons u taught me. Ill thank you every day for the laughs and memories u gave me all through out my life so far. My whole life has been amazing and ive enjoyed so many aspects of it, But what ive come to realize, is waking up in nanny ruths house, with the smell of sweet porridge and honey in the middle, with the news playing on the tv and the washing hung up on the line. The cats walking around and the kids playing outside. Id give her the biggest hug and say “ill see u later”. As I played outside with all of the children for hours and hours. She would sit there by the window and say “dont go too far” “stay nearby” “its time to come in”. Id run inside and ham, bread, chips, and beans would be on my plate with a capri sun and we’d sit opposite each other and id tell her what I did that day. After dinner, I usually sang to her or we’d figure out some cross word puzzle as I sat on her lap. Midnight would come and we would lay in bed and she’d tell me stories about her memories as a child and what living through World War 2 was like. I couldn’t come home to give u one last snuggle because of Covid-19 so FaceTime was all that we had. I sang to you as much as my voice could take it, even when u were sleeping. These are memories ill never forget. She is truly my guardian angel. I love you nanny. Theres no forgetting a soul like this one. I hope time will somewhat heal. But for now ill hug mummy and watch videos of us singing and dancing. Rest easy x

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Brown went on to say that she could not be with her at the end of her life because of Covid-19, noting that "FaceTime [the video calling service] was all that we had".

Last week, the government faced criticism over its updated guidance on safe visits to care homes in England.

Labour and a number of charities described the suggestions, including floor-to-ceiling screens, designated visitor pods and window visits, as impractical. The Alzheimer's Society said it "completely misses the point".

Justice secretary Robert Buckland stressed the government was "interested in all ideas that are Covid-compliant" and that the guidance was not an exhaustive list of options.

Who is Millie Bobby Brown?

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image captionThe Stranger Things 3 cast at the show's premiere last year

Most recently, Brown starred in the hugely popular Netflix mystery drama Enola Holmes. She played Sherlock Holmes' sister - the titular character.

But she first hit the spotlight as a child actor in 2016, when she appeared in the streaming giant's popular sci-fi drama Stranger Things.

Brown played Eleven/Jane Hopper - a young girl with telepathic and psychokinetic abilities and a limited vocabulary.

The Young Brit will reprise her role in the upcoming fourth season.

Last year, the third instalment of Stranger Things proved so popular it broke Netflix's viewer records.

What is Alzheimer's?

media captionThe moment a ballerina with Alzheimer's returned to Swan Lake

Alzheimer's disease is a condition which affects the brain, and is by far the most common cause of dementia.

Memory loss is the most common feature of dementia, particularly the struggle to remember recent events.

Other symptoms can include changes to behaviour, mood and personality, becoming lost in familiar places or being unable to find the right word in a conversation.

Both Alzheimer's disease and dementia can affect people of all different ages, but usually affect much older people.

According to the Alzheimer's Society, last year there were around 850,000 people in the UK with dementia.

One in 14 people over 65 will develop dementia, and the condition affects one in six people over 80. The number of people with dementia is increasing because people are living longer.

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