Justin Bieber: 5 things we learned from his random tour demands

By Steven McIntosh
Entertainment reporter

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We all know celebrities have a long list of demands when they go on tour, but Justin Bieber has taken it to the next level.

A music journalist in India has claimed to have received a list of the singer's demands, which he posted on Twitter.

It's a pretty extensive list, but then again, Justin has a pretty extensive entourage of 120 people to look after.

And, to be fair, most stars pay for the things they request, so he is the one footing the bill for the many demands.

Its authenticity hasn't been verified by Bieber's team, but oh how we hope it's accurate.

Clothing sizes wildly vary

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In every dressing room, Justin needs white crew-neck T-shirts, tank tops and some socks.

All fairly normal right items of clothing right? Well, yes, but the sizes he's requested are a bit odd.

Let's take the socks. JB only wants sizes available in XS (extra small) and L (large).

Now, this suggests to us that he's got one foot significantly bigger than the other.

Either that or his crew is made up of only very large or very small people, so if you're of average build you might find it hard to join the Bieber clan.

Glass-door fridges are the way forward

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You know what's, like, really annoying? When you have to go to the effort of opening your fridge to find out what's actually in it.

Bieber has come up with an excellent solution to this problem we all face - specifically requesting a glass-door refrigerator.

That way, he'll be able to see through to his requested energy drinks, cream sodas, protein drinks, half a gallon of almond milk and "24 still water bottles" (no need for the actual water, just the bottles).

He'll need some food to go with all that liquid, so there's also dried fruit, vegetables seasoned with ranch sauce, organic turkey and white cheddar popcorn on the list.

All meals should be named after songs

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image captionAn artist's impression of how the Boyfriend burger might look

The list doesn't just cover snacks - it also offers many clues about the kind of meals A-list singers like to eat while on the road.

"Top culinary experts will supervise the gourmet food being served to Bieber over the four days with five dishes per day being renamed after his popular songs," it says.

This line is an absolute gift to any chef, surely.

You could have the Baby burrito, the Boyfriend burger, the Sorry sandwich, the Love Yourself lamb and the What Do You Mean watermelon.

A whirlpool is the best way to Love Yourself

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"Arrangements for a Jacuzzi have also been made for Bieber's personal use to unwind before he takes to the stage," the star's list says.

If whirlpool access could be made law for all people with normal jobs, we'd really appreciate it.

You do have to Love Yourself, after all, and Justin is clearly a man who believes you should practise what you preach.

Which would also explain the other requests for a massage table and an accompanying personal (female) masseuse.

Requesting an Indian yoga casket is never a bad idea

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It's quite irritating when you go out to do your food shop and remember to buy bread, milk and veg, but forget to pick up a special Indian yoga casket.

In Bieber's case, it's not just any special Indian yoga casket, but a special Indian yoga casket which contains aromatic essential oils, jasmine, mogra and incense sticks.

We're not totally confident we even know what a "mogra" is.

To compliment the casket, "books on chakras and yoga asanas will be placed in Bieber's suite knowing his love for yoga". We all knew about his love for yoga didn't we?

Honourable mentions

No Bieber tour is complete without his requested cola gummies, ping pong table, 12 white handkerchiefs and hydrating lip balm.

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