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Carrie Fisher: The fans' princess

Carrie Fisher was idolised across the globe. She won a legion of adoring fans thanks to the role she became most famous for, Princess Leia in Star Wars. Some have been sharing their stories of the moments they met the actress.

Merry Christmas, Carrie Fisher

Catherine Saffran in Edmonton, Canada, recalls the time when she met the actress.

Image copyright Catherine Saffran
Image caption Carrie Fisher signed this artwork by Kaytlyne Dewald.

"There was an expo in Edmonton in September and she appeared. I was so excited, I grew up watching Star Wars with my dad, so for me it was a dream come true.

"She was one of my dad's favourite actresses, so I figured I would get her to sign something for Christmas. It was a unique piece that said "Love to Dean, Merry Christmas, Carrie Fisher.

"I had a lovely conversation with her when I got her to sign this item for my dad. She was genuinely interested in her fans, and had a wonderful sense of humour.

"When I heard this morning about her death, it hit close to home. I was glad I was able to meet her and have a chance to express my gratitude for everything she has done."

An inspiration to mental health sufferers

John Moore, London, UK, worked at a book store when he met the actress. He remembers their conversation about mental health which she openly admitted to suffering from.

Image copyright John Moore
Image caption "She said I had Chewbacca's hair and height"

"I had the great fortune of meeting Carrie at a book signing in London. As a staff member at the store I got to spend time chatting to her and helping her. She was a beautiful and shining light of a lady.

"She was sweet, thoughtful, and amazing with her fans. We talked about my height. She compared me to her friend who played Chewbacca and how he was incredibly tall.

"She then complimented my hair and finished by saying I hit the genetic jackpot. To have that said by her is amazing. She signed a copy of her new book for me as Carrie Fisher, Mrs Han Solo.

"She will be missed and I aspire to have her strength. I called her an inspiration for mental health sufferers like myself. Although I don't speak about it often, I suffer from anxiety and panic.

"She has inspired me by teaching me that just because you're a little broken or a little different you can still be an inspiration and shine like she did. She was honest about her health issues and was just herself.

"She taught me to not feel embarrassed or a lesser person just because you sometimes struggle to get through the day. Her death has hit me hard but it also makes me feel so proud to have been like her, different."

Love Letter to Carrie

Simon Humble, in Basingstoke, England was one of many teenage boys who had a crush on the actress. He even wrote her a letter.

Image copyright Simon Humble

"As a huge Star Wars fan I saw Return of the Jedi seven times and then sent an airmail letter to her. I addressed it as only a naive lovestruck youngster could, Carrie Fisher, star of Star Wars, Hollywood, USA.

"Needless to say the letter was returned to me, complete with a postal stamp informing the sender to address it properly. I still have it after all these years, I've never opened it, and I'm 48 now.

"God only knows what I wrote back then, no doubt asking her to marry me or something similar. I've been too embarrassed to open the letter but I think I will now in memory of her.

"What a great shame she is no longer with us, a very sad day indeed."

You're the before and I'm the after

It wasn't just the millions of young men who fell in love with the actress. Young girls around the world dressed up like Princess Leia complete with the iconic plaited hairstyle. Holly Redfox, in London, was one of them.

Image copyright Liz Weston
Image caption Dressing up as Princess Leia

"I met Carrie at London Film and Comic Con two years ago and she was hilarious. I've been a fan for over 30 years.

"I was dressed as her in Empire Strikes Back. I made the outfit. She looked at me and said, 'Hey, it's like a before and after shot. You're before and I'm after'.

"Everyone fell about laughing. Carrie was a true legend and I'm devastated that she's gone."

Image copyright Showmasters
Image caption Holly Redfox had this picture taken at Comic Con

She spoke to my son

Dan Combes met Carrie Fisher in Belgium. He says he has fond memories of their meeting.

"This is a photo of my son and I meeting Carrie Fisher two years ago at a comic book convention in Belgium.

Image copyright Dan Combes
Image caption "I pushed my son to get closer to her"

"Look how I subtly try to push him out of the way to get closer to her. She just said hello and spoke to my son about his belly.

"I am a massive Star Wars fan so it's very upsetting. She was very nice to us when we met her."

By Rozina Sini, UGC and Social News team