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Rick Parfitt: Your photos and memories

Rick Parfitt playing his guitar Image copyright Mark O'Connor

One of rock's most recognisable guitarists, Status Quo's Rick Parfitt, has died in hospital aged 68.

Many people have shared their memories of him with the BBC - here is a selection.

'My mum's ambition was to see him before she died'

Mark O'Connor photographed Status Quo at the Silverstone Classic motor event in 2015 - above is one of his images of Rick Parfitt in action.

"Rick certainly knew where the camera was!" he recalled.

"My memory is of my mum rocking to the Quo in the 80s.

"One of her ambitions was to see them live before she died. She did and passed away in 1991."

'He was quite shy'

Image copyright Denise Edwards
Image caption Denise caught up with Rick after a concert in 2014

Denise Edwards worked with Rick back in 1966 when she was 15 and he was 17.

"He was an apprentice mechanic and I was receptionist in a garage in Woking. He was quite shy," she told the BBC.

"His father pushed him into doing something, and not mess around with guitars. He was killing time before his big break in the music industry.

"I paid him his weekly salary of £5! Two years ago I was lucky enough to meet up with him after his concert at the Hammersmith Apollo. We caught up on the old days.

"It's so sad to hear of his death. It's like the closing of a chapter."

Great memories

Katty O'Rourke met the group the day after their concert at Bridlington Spa in 1982 and had her photograph taken with Rick.

Image copyright Katty O'Rourke

'Completely heartbroken'

Many people have been offering their condolences via Twitter.

Singer Katy Burgess tweeted that she met Rick at the @LechladeFest after sharing a line up with Status Quo with them.

Image copyright Twitter
Image copyright Twitter

'Icon of rock'

Mark Bickley is a huge fan, having seen Status Quo hundreds of times.

"Rick Parfitt was an absolute gentleman, a lovely guy. He was the rhythm machine and backbone of the band," he said.

"It's a shock to hear he's died. I'm absolutely numb. We've lost an icon of rock.

"The photo with myself and my daughters (below) shows what the man was like. He'll be sorely missed."

Image copyright Mark Bickley

'Entertaining shipmate'

David Snelson was captain of HMS Ark Royal when the band filmed Jam Side Down on deck.

"They joined by helicopter in Lyme Bay back in 2002. We took them back to Portsmouth while doing sea trials," he recalled.

"They were good company and entertaining shipmates - particularly Rick."

Image copyright David Snelson

'A really lovely bloke'

Tim Matthews is a big Status Quo fan, having seen them more than 40 times in concert.

"I met Rick Parftitt just after his first heart operation. He showed me the scar!" he told the BBC.

"He could not have been nicer and we chatted for ages. He was a really, really lovely bloke."

Image copyright Tim Matthews
Image caption Tim Matthews met Rick Parfitt in Greenwich 20 years ago and says he could not have been nicer.

'A dream come true'

Richard Callihan has been a fan of Status Quo since first hearing the song Pictures of Matchstick Men in 1969.

"Because I live in Western Canada I never had the opportunity to see them until I finally flew to the UK and watched them play at Holkham Hall in 2014," he said.

"It was a dream come true. Rick will be missed by many rock fans the world over."

Image copyright Richard Callihan

Compiled by Sherie Ryder, UGC and Social News team

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