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Top Gear: Magnificent Seven?

grandprixdiary: Introducing the new Top Gear line up. Image copyright @grandprixdiary

Rory, Sabine, Matt, Chris, Chris and Eddie - everyone is talking about the new supersized Top Gear line-up.

When the cast was announced, host Chris Evans remarked, "We really do have a bit of everything for everyone."

It led to some people suggesting the show's creators had taken the idea of balance a little too far:

Image copyright @ggs80

The photo released by the BBC press office was quickly turned into a meme on social media, as people added their own faces or subtitles to the original picture.

Image copyright @fudgecrumpet
Image copyright @grandprixdiary

In one, the faces were all replaced with characters from the US sitcom Friends; in another the diverse line-up included Scotland's former First Minister, Alex Salmond and Prince Charles.

One of the most shared tweets honed in on the fact that the solo female presenter, Sabine Schmitz, is pictured in a tee-shirt with the symbol of a woman.

Image copyright @notrollergirl

Lots of people shared pictures of mass crowds, introducing them as the new Top Gear line-up. Even Virgin Trains got in on the gag.

Image copyright Virgin Trains

Soon social media was exploding with other "new Top Gear line up" memes based around well-known groups. They included a group shot of the US Republican candidates, the fictitious Addams family and the popular BBC 1970s series, It Ain't Half Hot Mum.

Image copyright @mrkenshabby
Image copyright @scriblit
Image copyright @mumoss
Image copyright @ianmcdougall1

And what about the new Top Gear presenters themselves? Newcomer Rory Reid and fellow co-presenter Chris Harris shared their news in rather more understated tweets.

Image copyright @rory79
Image copyright @harrismonkey

Compiled by Alison Daye

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